Al Roker Says ‘A Mighty Love’ Is Taking Care Of Yourself

Al Roker

Al Roker posted an uplifting Instagram reel this morning, where he gets candid about his health and the importance of self-care. In the reel, Al is walking on his treadmill while listening to A Mighty Love by The Spinners, and he tells his followers that he believes that ‘a mighty love’ is taking care of yourself. He goes on to say that to take care of others, you must put yourself first.

How Does Al Roker Take Care Of His Health?


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It’s no secret that the 69-year-old TV personality has had a few health scares in recent years. To keep himself as healthy as possible, he follows a daily routine to keep fit and makes it a point to share that routine with his viewers.

For exercise, he walks five miles every day. When the weather permits, he enjoys those walks outdoors but makes sure to get his steps in on his treadmill when he can’t get outside. Roker also highlighted the importance of getting a good night’s rest. After all, our minds and bodies repair themselves as we sleep, and Al strives to get six or seven hours of good, solid rest each night.

Besides his physical efforts for his health, Al believes that good health depends on doing uplifting things for the soul as well. He puts his faith in the power of prayer and positive thinking. Roker also believes that the outpouring of prayers bestowed upon his family during his health scare at the end of 2022 made a ‘tremendous difference.’

Al Has Had Multiple Health Scares In Recent Years

In November 2020, the beloved meteorologist spoke candidly about his prostate cancer diagnosis. He said he was lucky to have caught it early but that it was aggressive. Roker took some time off from his post as weatherman on TODAY to focus on his cancer treatments. He also used his story to spread awareness about prostate cancer statistics and to urge his viewers to get screened for the disease. In an interview earlier this year, Al shared the good news that his doctors see no evidence of disease at this time.

He may have won the fight against cancer, but unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that Al’s health struggles were over. In November 2022, he missed his first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade since he began hosting the event in 1995 due to being hospitalized for blood clots. He returned to the hospital 24 hours after his release, where tests showed that he had multiple blood clots in his lungs and leg. He remained in the hospital for a month and made a full recovery following his second release.

Earlier this year, Roker had knee replacement surgery, which he called his ‘toughest surgery yet.’ That’s saying a lot coming from a man who had gastric bypass in 2012, carpal tunnel surgery in 2018, and shoulder surgery and hip replacement in 2019. Fortunately, the knee replacement was a success, and Al has recovered nicely.

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