‘LPBW’ Fans Appalled Over Jackson Roloff’s Recent Photo

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Jackson Roloff’s father recently returned home and his children were thrilled to see him. Tori Roloff took to her Instagram to share a few photos of the reunion.

Unfortunately, fans of TLC’s Little People, Big World (LPBW) had a hard time enjoying the photos. There was something very triggering about Jackson Roloff in the photo. And, it had fans extremely upset. What was it that triggered fans so much? Keep reading for the details.

LPBW Fans Appalled Over Jackson Roloff’s Recent Photo

The first photo Tori Roloff shared featured Zach Roloff holding Josiah with Jackson standing beside him and Lilah standing beside Jackson. They were outside of their home standing in front of their white garage door. With the help of Tori, the children made a welcome home banner and put it on the garage door.

LPBW Jackson Lilah Josiah Roloff Instagram
Image credit: @toriroloff Instagram

The sign said, “Welcome home Dad!” There was a huge heart after “Dad.” And, it looked like the kids drew little pictures inside of the heart and around the words.

Tori Roloff added a caption to the bottom of the photo noting that the whole family really missed Zach while he was gone.

Tori Roloff - Instagram Stories
Tori Roloff – Instagram Stories

In a second update, she revealed Zach brought some merch for all his children. They were white and blue jerseys. He was wearing one and he had one on all three of his children.

Both photos had fans concerned about Jackson, but the second photo with the merch was far more alarming.

What Triggered Fans?

Taking a closer look at Jackson Roloff, LPBW fans really zoomed in on how bowed his legs looked. Some fans argued his legs looked more bowed than ever. While Tori Roloff explained he received a less aggressive surgery than would repair his bowing over time, fans don’t understand why it looks as though it is getting worse.

Sadly, many fans took to Reddit to admit this photo of Jackson breaks their hearts. They all were in agreement his legs looked incredibly painful. Furthermore, they questioned why Tori Roloff wasn’t taking him to a doctor to see if anything else could be done to make him more comfortable.

Jackson Roloff - Instagram
Jackson Roloff – Instagram

Ultimately, Tori Roloff has made it clear on social media that she won’t take medical advice from fans. Moreover, she has insisted they don’t go to doctor’s appointments with fans. So, fans have no idea how many times her children actually go to the doctor.

What are your thoughts on these new photos of Jackson Roloff? Do you agree that his legs look even more bowed than before? Should Tori and Zach Roloff seek medical attention for Jackson? Or, do you think fans are just being dramatic? Share your thoughts with us. And, keep coming back for more updates on your favorite TLC personalities.

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  1. I’m sure he’s under a doctors care and good parents are following his advice.. he has surgery once that was less invasive but could take longer to see results. If not he will need a second surgery that is more invasive. I’m sure they’re following their Drs advice s they are good parents and Zach knows first hand what it feels like and will get taken care of. They may opt. To wait a bit defending in their drs advice as well as he was in so much pain from the first surgery may not feel it’s best at this moment
    Go look at Terra’s son Greyson his are much more bowed

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