Jackson Roloff’s Legs Still Bowing Post-Surgery: Tori Explains Why

Little People Big World - Zach Roloff - Tori Roloff - Jackson Roloff

A post-surgery video Tori Roloff posted on her Instagram Stories reveals Jackson’s legs are still bowing. As we previously reported, the TLC mother explained her son had been hospitalized for the purpose of having surgery. Having surgery to repair the bowing of his legs. Zach and Tori Roloff had discussed this being a possibility on several occasions. But, the time for it to be needed finally came.

One thing fans noticed in the post-surgery video Tori Roloff shared was that Jackson’s legs were still bowing. Was the surgery not a success? Fortunately, Tori anticipated this assumption being made. And, she was quick to explain to her followers why his legs were still bowing.

Little People Big World - Jackson Roloff
Little People Big World – Jackson Roloff

Wait, what does leg bowing mean?

According to HHS, a bowleg is a deformity. The deformity is the result of an improper alignment involving a person’s knee. When someone suffers from this condition it causes their legs to bend outward. This outward bend even occurs when a person’s ankles are together. This deformity is extremely common in babies. Though, experts recommend a medical evaluation if a child reaches the age of three and still has bow legs.

As LPBW fans know, Jackson Roloff turned four this year. So, the timing of him having surgery to repair the bowing of his legs makes sense. Bowing of the legs is extremely common for someone with achondroplasia. Achondroplasia just happens to be the type of dwarfism that Jackson Roloff (as well as his sister Lilah) were born with.

Jackson and Lilah Roloff via Instagram
Jackson and Lilah Roloff via Instagram

With all of this information in mind, Tori and Zach were prepared for their son Jackson to have this surgery. Fans assume there is a chance Lilah may have to have the same surgery one day.  But, with all of this information in mind, fans were a little baffled by the post-surgery video. As fans watched Jackson Roloff take several slow and steady steps using his tiny walker for support… Fans noticed his legs were still bowing. Wasn’t the surgery supposed to fix that?

Tori Roloff explains Jackson’s surgery

In a caption, she slapped on top of the video of Jackson’s using his tiny walker, Tori Roloff called attention to Jackson’s bow legs. She addressed the information to all of the people she knew would notice the bowing of his legs remained post-surgery.

Jackson Roloff Hospitalization update Instagram
Tori Roloff Instagram

Turns out, Tori and Zach Roloff made the decision for their son to have a much less invasive surgery. She explained the less invasive surgery did repair work that would fix the bowing of Jackson’s legs over time. Tori added this meant they would not see immediate results in regards to the bowing of Jackson’s legs. But, as he continued to grow… The bowing of his legs would improve.

Tori Roloff added they decided to go with a less invasive surgery because it would be much easier on their brave little boy. She concluded her explanation by gushing about how “resilient” her little man was.

Were you wondering why Jackson’s legs were still bowing after his surgery in the post-surgery video? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the LPBW family.

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