Fans Fear Jackson Roloff’s Bowed Legs Are Worse Than Before

Jackson Roloff - Tori Roloff Instagram

Little People, Big World fans are expressing huge concerns for Jackson Roloff as they feel his bowed legs are worse than ever before. A new family photo has TLC viewers discussing the appearance of his legs. Scroll down to take a look at the latest picture and see what fans have to say about the five-year-old’s legs.

Jackson Roloff undergoes surgery to correct his bowed legs.

Like his father, Zach Roloff, and his grandparents, Matt and Amy, Jackson has a form of dwarfism. The particular form that Jackson was born with is achondroplasia. Due to his shorter stature, his legs are bowed.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Jackson went through surgery in late 2021 to attempt to correct his bowed legs.

Jackson Roloff - Tori Roloff Instagram
Jackson Roloff – Tori Roloff Instagram

Following his surgery, fans expressed concern about the appearance of his legs. At that point, Tori explained that the surgery didn’t have immediate results and that it was supposed to improve the bowing over time. She said that there were plates that had been put on his growth plates to straighten his legs as they continue to grow. The goal is to lower the chances of him needing a more complex surgery.

However, over a year later, Jackson Roloff’s legs still look bowed, which has prompted fans to ask more questions.

LPBW fans fear for him as they think his legs look worse than before.

This past weekend, Jackson’s younger brother, Josiah, celebrated his first birthday. In honor of his big day, Tori shared a new family photo, as well as pictures of the special event. The focus was meant to be on Josiah, of course, but fans also noticed Jackson’s legs and left comments about them on social media.

Below, you can see the new family photo that has caught fans’ attention.


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In a comment, one LPBW fan asked, “Are there any more surgeries to straighten out his legs?”

One of Tori’s followers harshly said, “Still haven’t fixed his legs? How selfish.”

Several fans are also offering advice and recommendations. One fan suggested that Tori and Zach need to take Jackson to Shriners to have surgery.

So far, Tori and Zach have not yet responded to any of the comments about their son’s legs. It’s unclear if they will address these concerns or just let it be. Hopefully, Jackson’s parents and his medical team have all of his health concerns under control.

So, do you have concerns about Jackson Roloff’s bowed legs? Do you agree with the fans who think they look pretty bad in this new photo? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Little People, Big World family.

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  1. Imagine.. you and/or your wife carry this genetic defect that will require tens or hundreds of thousands of extreme medical care. your “decision” to reproduce has imposed this awful burden on your child and an already broken healthcare system. Who has to pay for this? And do you really think bringing an already crippled child into this world is a happy thing for the kid, who NEVER CONSENTED TO THIS.

    This family is disgusting. Bringing pain and suffering to their children. Abhorrent. Revolting. Disgusting.

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