Darcey Silva’s Man, Georgi Rusev, Shocks With Whole New Face

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Darcey Silva’s man, Georgi Rusev, is shocking everyone with a whole new face. He stunned during the last season of Darcey and Stacey when he showed up, rocking new locks. Now, he is following in his on and off again love’s footsteps. So, what did he do? Read on for more details.

Darcey Silva’s Man, Georgi Rusev, Shocks With Whole New Face

In the last season of Darcey and Stacey, Darcey Silva’s dream of a twin wedding were crushed. Her fiance, Georgi Rusev proved to not be the man she wanted him to be. Therefore, they called it quits. However, her twin sister, Stacey Silva was moving forward with her nuptials to Florian Sukaj. Though they were already married, it was a quickie pandemic wedding. So, she wanted something over the top. He ended up asking Georgi to be his best man but Darcey flipped out. Despite Georgi wanting to reunite with her, she slammed that idea.

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It then came out that they had been intimate but she was hiding it from everyone. So, his jealousy when she was out with other men was somewhat justified. They ended the season apart but have since seemingly gotten back together. She is a big proponent of constantly changing her look and is always getting enhancements. Plus, she adds filters over her surgeries so no one really knows what Darcey actually looks like. As for Georgi, he started out with long, dark locks and returned with a short, highlighted look. Now, he has taken another step.

According to @90dayfianceupdate, Georgi Rusev has added to his new hair. He got fillers, cheekbones, and a new jawline. It also appears he had his lips done but he made it clear he was in Connecticut so he is definitely living with Darcey again. Followers had a lot of thoughts as he was always naturally handsome, a massage therapist, and an aspiring model. They were not the best, to be honest.

Fans React

After Darcey and Stacey fans saw Georgi Rusev’s new look, they had a lot to say.

  • Just why do people want to do this to their face , it’s never end looking good
  • Hung out to long with those two plastic characters 🤣
  • 😮 He’s starting to look like a mannequin!!
  • Yikes! Talk about if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. He’s ruined his face. 😢

It is unclear if the show has been renewed for another season but now that they are officially back together and doing face work as a couple, this might be enough to bring it back. What do you think of Georgi’s new face? Too much or just enough? Let us know in the comments below.

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