Darcey Silva’s Fiance Georgi Cheated On Her, With Who?

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At the end of Season 3 of Darcey and Stacey, Darcey Silva was so excited about her future with her fiance Georgi Rusev. They had taken the long road to happiness, many bumps along the way. Yet they were finally there and seemingly the only person getting in their way was her father. Now it appears Georgi may have been unfaithful and he has been called out on social media for his infidelity. However, it is not Darcey pointing fingers. It is someone completely out of the blue. Is this a dealbreaker for the couple?

Darcey Silva Gives Love Another Try

At the end of Season 2, Darcey proclaimed she was done with Georgi. He had hurt her too much and the trust had been broken. Therefore, the engagement was off and she believed she would find exactly what she needed. She and her twin sister, Stacey had just gotten their full-body makeovers so she was ready to take on the world. This included working on their clothing line House of 11. Yet Georgi was still trying to find a way to win Darcey back.

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She agreed to meet him in New York for a picnic so she could let him go but things did not go as planned. They ended up spending the night together. Darcey did not want to make too much of it but they started seeing each other again and even began counseling. After that, it was clear they were headed on a path of reconciliation. Her friends and family were worried especially after his past track record.

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Fortunately, Georgi was able to redeem himself on a family business trip to Miami and ultimately re-proposed to Darcey before they went home. Darcey decided she and Stacey should have the twin wedding they always dreamed of but their dad disagreed. He was so against it, he said he would not attend. This left them at a standstill wondering what was next.

Georgi’s Wandering Eye

It has been casually mentioned that Georgi has a wandering eye. On the first-ever Darcey and Stacey tell-all, both Darcey Silva and Georgi’s ex-wife Octavia acknowledge this. He is also a no-show at the event even though he is in town. His behavior becomes somewhat combative and it is not pleasant at all. Now, cheating allegations have been fired at him from none other than musician Aaron Carter. The former DWTS competitor claims his now ex-fiancee, Melanie Martin hooked up with Georgi.

Credit: YouTube

According to Monsters & Critics, Aaron posted a video revealing the night he and Melanie broke up, she started talking to Rusev. He went on to add: “And guess who his girlfriend is? Darcey Silva.” Much like Darcey and Georgi, Melanie and Aaron have had a tumultuous relationship. They broke up then reconciled and welcome their baby, Prince. Right after his arrival, they broke up with Aaron saying she broke his trust. It did not take long for them to get back together. Now, it is over and he is claiming she had a fling with Georgi who was allegedly not with Darcey for Valentine’s Day.

Do you think these rumors are true? Let us know in the comments and watch part one of the Darcey and Stacey tell-all on Monday on TLC.



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