’90 Day Fiance’ Fans Compare Darcey Silva To ‘Voldemort’?

90 Day Fiance fans have watched Darcey Silva’s extreme evolution. She no longer looks the way she did on the premiere season of the spinoff Before the 90 Days. The mother of two has been compared to many people and things. Now her latest plastic surgery has fans comparing her to the fictional menacing figure Voldemort.

The Evolution Of The 90 Day Fiance Silva Sister

When viewers first met Darcey, she had long black hair and a more natural relaxed look. She was flying off to Amsterdam to see her young lover Jesse Meester but they did not quite click. He felt she was too made up with her makeup and heels whereas he was much more into fitness and the outdoors. When they returned for the following season, Jesse was coming over to America and she had started her transformation. Darcey now had blonde hair and was talking about getting her veneers fitted. Ultimately, she and Jesse were not a match so she moved on with Tom Brooks. It was clear she was very into maintenance with her hair extensions and fake nails as well as her fillers.


Once her four seasons of Before the 90 Days concluded, Darcey and her twin sister, Stacey got their own spinoff. In Season 2, they headed to Turkey for a spiritual journey and a full-body twin makeover. It was completely all-inclusive and when they returned to Connecticut, fans felt they looked botched. They were unrecognizable but they did not stop there. Recently, the twins went for another tweaking around their eyes and it has become absurd. So much so that Darcey’s followers cannot stop mocking her. They recently took to Reddit to compare her to Voldemort from Harry Potter.

A Scary Comparison

After some of Darcey’s latest Instagram posts, fans were stunned by her new face. They immediately took to Reddit and a thread was started:

  • “Voldemort looking snatched”
  • “How much more snatched can you get than Voldemort?”
  • “She looks like a cyborg from a low budget 80s movie..late night on sci-fi low budget.”
  • “Voldemort just found his new Boo”
  • “Horrifying! You have destroyed your face. There is another picture posted at the 90 Day site and it doesn’t even look like you. It looks like a drag Queen with a mustache. What do your daughters think about you having surgery all the time? Bad example!”

Some commented that they did not even know who she was but it was hard to tell if that was just sarcasm. Others noted that she suffers from severe body dysmorphia and should seek help. They also asked about her two daughters who have been heavily featured on all of her seasons. Darcey definitely looks very different from her early 90 Day Fiance days and it is questionable if she will ever stop.

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