Darcey Silva Drops Big Pounds After Weight Loss Surgery, See Pic

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Darcey Silva has dropped big pounds after recent weight loss surgery and you have to see it to believe it. The Darcey and Stacey star has kept it no secret that she loves plastic surgery. More so, she loves anything that will keep her “snatched.” So, what has the mother of two done now? Read on for more details and to see the photos.

Darcey Silva Drops Big Pounds After Weight Loss Surgery, See Pic

During Season 2 of Darcey and Stacey, Darcey Silva and her identical twin, Stacey headed to Turkey. They wanted to get head-to-toe matching twin transformations. This included new teeth, breast reductions/lifts, nose jobs, lip lifts, and lipo. They then returned for more work which included fox eyes, neck lift, chin lipo, cheek lift, and nose job revisions per In Touch. Darcey has also shown herself undergoing non-invasive procedures for a more sculpted body. Yet, it seems that fans have wondered if the twins have gone too far in their search for perfection.

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[Stacey, Darcey-YouTube]
Darcey Silva does not even look like the dark-haired woman fans first met in Season 1 of Before the 90 Days. She was high maintenance but her face and body were much more natural. Now, she is unrecognizable but it has not stopped her and her next mission was losing weight. According to a Reddit thread, Darcey shed 25 pounds for Miami Swim Week. She went on to show off her slimmed-down physique on her Instagram while donning a bikini and was visibly trimmer. The news of her weight loss was initially revealed in 90dayfiance News and Memes.

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It seems that she had an endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty which will curb hunger for six to seven hours at a time. Back in December of last year, Darcey Silva admitted that she was undergoing this procedure and publicly thanked her doctor. She was also excited for her results and it was noted that she could have gotten this procedure done for little to no cost. All she had to do was shout out the doctor and she would get compensated. She did just that.

Fans Are Not Singing Praises

Though Darcey Silva looks toned and tight, fans on Reddit were not super thrilled with the article about her or the fact that she still is getting surgery. They were quite amused by the fact that she was referred to as a D-list celebrity. “Love how this is supposed to be a flattery piece but they still label her as a DList celebrity. And I’m here for it,” one wrote. Another added: “48 and bankrupt in body mind and soul.” Finally, one Redditor chimed in with: “All this & still single, hmmmm Darcey.”

What do you think of Darcey Silva’s weight loss transformation? Was it worth it or should she stop relying on surgery to get by? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. her show socks it’s all make believe that’s why I no longer watch the 2 ugly twins. stop with trying to look like the young girls u r NOT.

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