‘Live’ Kelly Ripa Prerranged New Female Host With Hubby

Kelly Ripa and Husband Mark from YouTube

Live with Kelly and Mark is never dull with the longtime host, Kelly Ripa. This year, she mentioned retirement a lot, but she’s still going strong on the ABC talk show. And, she loves to surprise her audience and her husband, Mark Consuelos. This week, she managed to do that when she traded places with a fan.

Live Kelly Ripa Can Make People Feel Uncomfortable

Sometimes, the audience or even guests get spotlighted by the talk show host. And, that makes people feel a bit uncomfortable. Recently, she put her guest Monica Mangin on the spot whilst trying on Halloween costumes. Referring to bra sizes, when she used the words, “negative A,” the host confronted her, assuming she talked about her chest size.

In an episode of Live with Kelly and Mark this week, she managed to be more civil with one of the people who appeared on the ABC morning show. Kelly Ripa isn’t always so generous with her time. In fact, she recently embarrassed a crew member when she and Mark Consuelos discussed the New York Marathon. Fiesty and short-tempered, she often growls. However, it was a happy moment that went down in the latest episode.

Live Kelly Ripa Trades Places With A Fan

The Sun reported that when the ABC host traded places with a  fan, it wasn’t someone who came from the audience. Instead, they described her as Crystal, “a fan and a dancer.” Apparently, the host prearranged that Crystal would swap places with her. So, she called her out from behind the set. Then to Mark’s surprise, he ended up hosting a segment with someone other than his wife.

Live with Kelly and Mark Kelly Ripa Trades Places With A Fan - ABC
Live with Kelly and Mark – Crystal with Mark Consuelos  – ABC

Meanwhile, Kelly took to the dance floor. Actually, she loves dancing and wishes that if she had been good enough, she might have become a ballet dancer. ABC fans saw that the Live with Kelly and Mark host gave a good dance performance. Meanwhile, Crystal managed to hold her own with Mark. The outlet said, “Crystal…read from Kelly’s teleprompter like a natural.”

Done It Before?

Apparently, as the two women had done a similar stunt in the past, it was the host’s idea to try it again. Certainly, the audience seemed to enjoy the swap around. All in all, it seemed like a good time without too many tensions arising.

Do you think that Kelly Ripa seemed like a good sport by letting her fan enjoy the spotlight for a bit? What about her dancing in her fan’s place? As she prearranged it, do you think that she had warned Mark Consuelos to expect the trading of places? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and, come back here often for more updates about the host of Live! with Kelly and Mark. 

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