‘Live’ Kelly Ripa Talks Red Flags On The Talk Show

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Kelly Ripa had some concerns when ABC execs suggested she and Mark Consuelos host Live with Kelly and Mark together. In fact, she thought that employing her husband was a terrible idea. Now, she raised similar sentiments when she talked about red flags in the workplace with her guest, Alec Baldwin.

Live Kelly Ripa Talks Something Sensible After Getting Dragged

Recent news about the talk show host revealed that she and Mark did one of the stupidest episodes ever. At least that’s what viewers thought about their ridiculous TikTok chair challenge. It was a major fail and she made herself look really dumb. Even she admitted it when men proved she they could do it. Even Michael Gelman managed it.

Live with Kelly and Mark - Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos work together - ABC
Live with Kelly and Mark – Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos work together – ABC

Kelly Ripa seems to clash with Michael Gelman quite often. Although she seems to joke a lot, sometimes, her comments seem really barbed. For example, the Live with Kelly and Mark host once told him, “Ok. Donโ€™t talk down to me,” when he corrected her on cross-breeds and hamsters. Again, fans thought she deliberately seemed to wind him up by acting dumb. Now that she’s talking red flags, it seems that there really are some on the show.

Live Kelly Ripa Talks About Red Flags At Work

Working with Mark Consuelos sometimes makes his wife seem to get frustrated. In fact, she uses him as a punching bag on occasion. And, talk show fans don’t always appreciate it. While she sometimes makes them laugh, they don’t like to see toxic things. because her bad behavior is seen as a red flag.ย 

Alec Baldwin - Instagram
Alec Baldwin – Instagram

Kelly Ripa recently spoke with Alec Baldwin about red flags on her Let’s Talk Off Camera podcast. The Live with Kelly and Mark host told him that she heard that when people describe their colleagues or workplace as being “family,” it’s a “red flag” for her. The Sun was quick to note that Michael Gelman’s name was introduced into the conversation.ย 

Working With Family Is Not Easy

Kelly Ripa told Alec Baldwin, “If your job environment, the people there, say that they’re like family, that’s a red flag.” Talking about her talk show on ABC, she added, “So we’re all working in a red flag environment.” Actually, with her husband working there as well, she probably feels it very keenly.

Do you think that Kelly Ripa is right and that if a workplace is seen as “family,” then that is a “red flag?” Working with family can be so difficult. If colleagues feel like family, then emotions come into play that would not normally be revealed in formal work environments. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And, come back here often for more updates about the host of Live! with Kelly and Mark.ย 

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