‘Sister Wives’ Preview Inside Janelle Brown’s New Home

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In a Sister Wives preview, it is time to get a glimpse inside of Janelle Brown’s new home. She has lived in an actual house in Flagstaff then the RV on Coyote Pass. Soon enough, she relocated to an apartment, and now, she has a new place to show off. Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Preview Inside Janelle Brown’s New Home

Janelle Brown struggled to find where she belonged in Flagstaff. She really wanted to live on Coyote Pass but Kody Brown said that was not possible. To feel closer to her dream, she bought an RV and lived there over the summer but it was only feasible for one reason. Christine Brown’s home was close by so she was able to get all the things that she needed from her former sister wife. Then, it got colder and she needed to find a home so she got an apartment despite Kody wanting her to buy Christine’s house when she moved to Utah.

Janelle Brown/YouTube

In a clip for the upcoming episode, Kody stops by to see Janelle’s new apartment. It is clear to him that there is no spot for him in the home. First off, Janelle notes that he is being better with their youngest child, Savanah as in he takes her out to eat every few weeks. He talks about how much bigger the apartment is but Janelle likes that it is her space and not his. She comments that it is the best place that she has lived in since she has been in Flagstaff.

Janelle Brown does ask Kody Brown to help her with the art hanging as she feels he is better at it than her. However, he feels like he is being tested and that is how plural marriage always is. He does like the apartment but realizes that this is now Janelle’s place and not theirs. It is no longer a couples thing and he has no idea why he even stopped by.

Fans Chime In

What did fans think of this Sister Wives clip and Janelle Brown’s new luxurious apartment? A Reddit thread was started to discuss it. One wrote something that summed it all up: “Princess Kody is offended by the thought that this apartment is Janelle’s apartment and not OUR apartment. And yet, he‘s been saying for years that his and Robyn’s house is HIS house. When he says that, how does he think that sounds to the family who do not belong to the favorite wife?” It seems like Kody is finally getting a taste of his own medicine and he does not like it.

Do you think that Janelle Brown is right with how she is treating this home? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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