Pauly D Shares Near-Death Experience Filming ‘Jersey Shore’

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Pauly D is sharing how he had a near-death experience while filming this season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. They have all had their issues on the show which is understandable as they have been together a lot. Yet, this is something where his girlfriend, who has not participated this time around, actually had to rush to be with him. Keep reading for more details.

Pauly D Shares Near-Death Experience Filming Jersey Shore

There have been a handful of ailments on Jersey Shore throughout the years. Vinny Guadagnino had pink eye, Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley hurt her foot, and Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino threw himself into a wall. Oh, and Snooki crashed into a police officer when driving in Italy. Essentially, they are a tad accident-prone. It seems that they have done okay since they started Family Vacation albeit with a few bad hangovers but now, DJ Pauly D is sharing a horrid experience that happened to him when the gang was in Nashville.

Angelina Pivarnick, Pauly D-YouTube
Angelina Pivarnick, Pauly D-YouTube

This has been pretty iconic since this is the first time in years that Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Magro-Ortiz are in the same place together. He has been on and off the vacations whereas she completely left once the OG show was through. Now, everyone is reunited but, according to Monsters & Critics, Pauly has a serious health problem. While in Arizona, he saw paramedics and was thrilled with them because he felt they saved his life. During Pauly’s confessional, he shared what happened:

“I had a little problem where I had a hemorrhoid that kind of like ruptured, and it was bleeding throughout the night. It was bleeding so bad that I lost so much blood that I actually fainted, so I had to get rushed to the hospital. They had to give me a blood transfusion and sew that up.”

Pauly D also was extraordinarily grateful for his girlfriend, Nikki Hall who immediately flew to Nashville to take care of him.

“I’m very grateful and thankful for Nikki. She was by my side. She flew to Nashville, and she helped me out through this whole process. It was a scary thing.”

Fans were concerned as he was forced to cancel two shows. This was a big deal for the DJ as he had never canceled a show in his career. However, he had to take care of himself first and foremost.

Team Pauly All The Way

After learning what had happened, Jersey Shore fans were so supportive of Pauly D and truly admired how well he came back from it:

Luckily, Pauly is back and better than ever. Sadly, the season finale is airing Thursday, May 16th so it will be on a hiatus after that. Luckily, the show is available to stream on various outlets. Can you believe that this happened to Pauly D? Let us know your thoughts and watch Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Thursdays on MTV,

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