Kaley Cuoco Honors Late Co-Star Who Kept Everyone Laughing

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Kaley Cuoco is honoring one of her late co-stars who was notorious for keeping everyone around them laughing. She has had a very successful career since she was a young lady. Now, she is able to pay it forward to all of those who helped get her to where she is. Keep reading for all of the details.

Kaley Cuoco Honors Late Co-Star Who Kept Everyone Laughing

Viewers may best know Kaley Cuoco as Penny from The Big Bang Theory or from The Flight Attendant but her career spans more than that. The thirty-eight-year-old animal enthusiast appeared on 7th Heaven and the series Ladies Man. She was then cast as Bridget in 8 Simple Rules alongside Katey Sagal and John Ritter, two legends in the sitcom world. Katey came from Married…With Children whereas John was the king of physical comedy on Three’s Company. Kaley played their advanced teenage daughter who never felt the need to cover up.

Kaley Cuoco/YouTube
Kaley Cuoco-YouTube

Sadly, shortly into Season 2, John Ritter passed away and the show tried to carry on but it did not last as long as the cast had hoped. They could not make it without him and the pain was just too great. Fortunately, Kaley has found success both in films and on television but she still remembers her love for John to this day. According to Digital Spy, Kaley recently stepped out for the charitable gala, An Evening from the Heart. It is a meaningful event all thanks to the work of The John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health.


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Kaley Cuoco spoke but made sure that she kept it light in honor of John:

“This is really awesome. I think John is laughing his a** off right now. He cannot believe we’re here.”

She went on to add this when speaking to People:

“He touched a lot of lives. I will do anything for his wife and his kids. And I’m so really very proud to be here and honouring him. He was so funny, and he loved his fans. He was so good.”

More so, Kaley continued on about how much he loved the fans and the lengths that he would go to in order to make them happy.

All For The Laughs

While filming 8 Simple Rules together, Kaley Cuoco shared how John Ritter would throw a scene just for the audience:

“I remember when we were shooting 8 Simple Rules, [he] used to tell me that he would mess up in front of the audience on purpose to make them laugh. And I was like, ‘No way!’ And then I would watch him mess up over and over when I knew he knew the scenes, and I took that with me for a long time. He didn’t take himself seriously. And I feel like we need to get back to what that is, not taking ourselves so seriously.”

He may have left the world far too early but he clearly left Kaley with amazing advice. Not to take yourself so seriously which was obviously a vital part of who he was. Yes, he had an amazing work ethic but John Ritter knew he was there because of his fans. So, he ensured that they enjoyed their time when they were at a taping. It is no wonder Kaley will do anything for him and his family.

What do you think of the behind-the-scenes stories she shared about John Ritter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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