Pregnant Kaley Cuoco Breaks Silence On Nearly Losing Her Leg

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Kaley Cuoco is opening up in more ways than one. The Emmy-award-winning actress has been confessing a lot for the oral history of the hit series, The Big Bang Theory. It just came out that she nearly had her leg amputated. Yet, on the lighter side, the twice-divorced star piggy-backed this with happy news. She is pregnant with her first child. Read on for all of the details on how she almost lost her leg and her pregnancy.

Kaley Cuoco Nearly Has Her Leg Amputated

The cast is exceptionally candid in the oral history of The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series. Initially, Kaley spoke of the hardcore crush that she had on her co-star, Johnny Galecki. This led to a two-year romance between the two. Now, she and her co-stars are sharing details of a horseback riding accident from over ten years ago. According to People, the accident nearly cost the actress and horse lover her leg. “That was the darkest, most frightening time in all twelve years [of the show]. Kaley could have lost her leg. It was a series of miracles that allowed us to get through that and for her to come out the other end of that healthy,” TBBT creator, Chuck Lorre shared.

Kaley Cuoco/YouTube

Her ex and co-star, Johnny Galecki added that it was “devastating” to hear that they were thinking of amputating her leg. The incident happened twelve years ago, this month. She was riding a horse that got spooked. Kaley fell off and as the horse attempted to hop over her, it fell on her left leg instead. Lorre coincidentally ran into some of the best surgeons who he had working on Cuoco within hours. Yes, she knew she went in with the possibility of not having a leg but she came out as good as new. Now, September means something even brighter.

And Baby Makes Three…

After two failed marriages, Kaley Cuoco has seemingly found happiness with Ozark actor Tommy Pelphrey. He visited her while she was around the world filming her new movie, Role Play. They also cheered each other on this Emmy season. Now, they have something more to celebrate. The couple is going to be parents. Kaley shared the big news on her Instagram page. In a series of pictures, she and Tommy are holding up onesies.

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They are also drinking out of themed mugs. Plus, they had a pink cut open cake, revealing that they are expecting a baby girl. In the caption, Kaley wrote: “💕Baby girl Pelphrey coming 2023💕 beyond blessed and over the moon… I 💓you @tommypelphrey!!!” It looks like they have a lot to look forward to and are over the moon excited.

To read more about Kaley Cuoco’s time on The Big Bang Theory, the book is available for purchase now. Are you shocked to learn she almost lost her leg? More so, are you surprised she is pregnant? Let us know in the comments.



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