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Sister Wives star Janelle Brown mostly enjoyed a lot of popularity in Season 18 of the TLC show but fans are slamming her hard at the moment. Why is that? Did spoilers arrive that she’s returning to the arms of Kody Brown? Actually, that’s not the reason, but it is related. Read on to find out more.

Sister Wives Fans Seem Unsure of Janelle Brown

TLC fans cheered like loons when they saw Kody’s estranged second wife cuss him in filthy language. Overnight, she went from zero to hero like her friend, Christine. However, when Christine left Kody, she went for a total divorce, unlike wife number two. In fact, she raised her eyebrows when the mom of Hunter, Gabe, Garrison, Logan, Savanah, and Maddie claimed she didn’t want a divorce.

Sister Wives fans saw that Christmas was really a miserable time for Janelle Brown and her kids. When fans saw that Kody ghosted Savanah without even a text message, they were furious. Surely, that should have justified her leaving him? Even her son Garrison had told her to “let Robyn have him.” So, fans went from unsure about his mom’s plans to downright furious after new spoilers arrived.

Sister Wives Fans Slam Janelle Brown For Birthday Date

Spoilers for the show revealed that Christine stood by her friend when she heard that Kody invited her out for a date. As far as she was concerned, the couple had reached an “interesting” place in their relationship. If she wanted to go for a birthday date rather than sit at home, David Woolley’s fiance was determined to keep on being supportive.

Sister Wives Christine Stands by Janelle Brown as TLC fans slam her Instagram
Sister Wives – Christine Stands by Janelle Brown as TLC fans slam her – Instagram

TLC fans seem less inclined to extend kindness no matter how “interesting” the couple might be. Sister Wives viewers heard Janelle Brown say that “lightning” would need to strike them to find the couple in a good place. Nevertheless, TLC critics slammed her. On Reddit, it appears the rage comes because of the ghosting of Savanah.

TLC Viewers Express Their Disappointment And Anger

Sister Wives fans also know that Kody Brown doesn’t seem keen to reconcile with the other kids, either. So, it seems very strange to them that Janelle decided it was a good idea to go on a birthday date. U/unnnnnnnnnnhhh asked, “Would you go on a birthday date with someone who neglected your kids?”

Certainly, it seems that some people have a rethink about the TLC star. One commenter said, “I always felt Janelle was a strong minded woman, but I’m not so sure anymore. She appears as desperate for Kody’s attention as Meri is. Announced she is 50 and broke from standing by Kody….yet she’s going on a date with him. Sad really.”

Another member of the community opined:

Janelle talks a big game about choosing her kids but really she chooses herself. She could have been done with this shit years ago, but she waited for all but one of her kids to be out of the house. The only reason why she’s out at this point is because Kodys behavior is finally effecting her and she can’t just ignore it and get past it with her low maintenance don’t rock the boat attitude. If Kody did the absolute bare minimum of calling Savanah and not getting so weird about the apology/conversation she’d have never left.”

Are you surprised by the reasons why TLC fans slam Janelle Brown? Would you ever go on a date with a guy who ghosted your child at Christmas? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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