The Real Reason Janelle Brown Stays With Kody?

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What is the real reason that Sister Wives star Janelle Brown stays with her husband, Kody Brown? The couple has been married since 1994 when she came in as wife number two. Yet, their marriage has been anything but easy. So, what is keeping them together when maybe they should call it quits? Read on for more details.

The Real Reason Janelle Brown Stays With Kody?

Janelle Brown came into the family in 1993 after Kody Brown had married Meri Brown in 1990. She was the perfect fit as she had previously been married to Meri’s brother. So, there was already history between the ladies even though they struggled as sister wives initially. In 1994, Christine Brown joined the family and in 2010, Robyn Brown was the fourth and final wife. By 2021, Christine exited as she and Kody were not connecting. He withdrew intimacy from their already failing marriage and that was really the last straw. Plus, she knew he had a favorite wife (Robyn) and that was enough for her to exit.

A marriage is about to happen in the Sister Wives Brown family
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As for Janelle Brown, she and Kody have been battling each other for a few seasons now. She will always choose her kids over her husband and he does not like that. This is why he loves being with Robyn as she and her five kids obey Kody to the highest power. Now, in a clip from People, Janelle and Kody reunite after their biggest fight ever. He did not come around for Christmas and has not spoken to their teenage daughter, Savanah in over a month.

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Janelle believes that Kody stopped giving their marriage the proper attention since his divorce from Christine. She shares: “Be a man [and] separate your relationships like you have for our entire plural marriage, and pay attention here.” They finally get together to chat about all that has transpired but Janelle explains that she thinks it is best if they stay apart. Despite all of this, she notes the one thing she would not tolerate and that’s being told he was not attracted to her so as long as he doesn’t say that, she will keep trying.

Not Attracted To Her?

Kody and Janelle Brown have openly said that they are not in love with each other. This has become more of a good friendship or at least it was. However, Kody had told Christine that he was not attracted to her. Janelle has held onto this as it was something she heard, as well. “He’s been telling me for years that he wasn’t attracted to Christine. They were struggling in their marriage. I would have left his ass the first time he said that to me.” So, treating her and their kids like they are nothing is not enough but that would have been?

She tells Kody that she is open to doing counseling with him. He is amenable as he likes that she is at least trying. Do you think that they can ever reconcile or should she quit while she is ahead? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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