‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Still Holding Out For Kody?

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Is Sister Wives star Meri Brown still holding out for Kody Brown? He has openly said that he wants nothing to do with her and that he views her as a friend. She is well aware of this and even jokes that friends have more interaction. So, what is actually going on in Meri’s head? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Meri Brown Still Holding Out For Kody?

Meri Brown has been married to Kody Brown since 1990 but, by 2014, their marriage had crumbled. She said that she needed space from her husband. Yet, she never expected him to leave and not come back. Then, she was catfished and that destroyed all trust Kody had in her. In fact, he said that it was more than the nail in the coffin for him. Kody went back and forth, saying that he did not have romantic feelings for Meri. Then, he would say that he wanted Meri to court her. After a while, it was very confusing but Meri openly admitted that they had not been intimate in over a decade.

Meri Brown/Sister Wives/Instagram
Meri Brown-Instagram

It seemed that the only reason why she seemed to be holding on was both religious and the fact that she loved Robyn’s children. Earlier this year, Meri Brown revealed that she and Kody had parted ways. However, is she holding out hope that they could get back together? According to Meaww, she talked about the value of plural marriage in the September 17th episode of Sister Wives. “Here’s the thing, I still see value to the big picture family,” she started.

Sister Wives/TLC/Facebook
Sister Wives-Facebook

She went on to note: “Do I wish that we could all get our caps together and figure things out and have good relationships? Yeah, absolutely.” Meri was pretty candid that she might want to stay and try to make things better but she knew Kody was done with her. As she talked about moving to Utah, she said the only person who would care was Robyn. Openly, she shared that Kody had no interest so it was very much a one-sided investment on Meri’s behalf.

It’s Over

Meri Brown’s heart may always be with Kody but physically, she has left. The mother of one and businesswoman put her Flagstaff home up for rent and left for Utah. Though she will likely film for the show and travel back and forth, as Christine did, she knows that her marriage is done. It is a question if Kody wanted her back would she go?

Do you think that Meri Brown will always hold out hope for Kody to come back? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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