Steve Harvey Fails As ‘Family Feud’ Contestant

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Would Steve Harvey fail if he were to be a Family Feud contestant? It appears that he would have no chance of winning if he were ever given one. So, how is that a known fact? Keep reading for all of the details about Steve shooting his shot on the game show.

Steve Harvey Fails As Family Feud Contestant

Playing Family Feud from the comfort of one’s home can make anyone feel like they have a good shot at winning. They can look at the contestants and wonder why they keep answering the questions wrong. Yet, what would happen if the host of the show got to play? Steve Harvey seems like a fairly confident man and has often laughed at the players’ answers. He can tell when they are going to get something wrong and is left in shock when they blow him away and get it correct.

Steve Harvey on The Family Feud / YouTube
Steve Harvey- YouTube

In a recent episode, Steve was able to chime in and he realized that he was at a loss. According to The Sun, a contestant was asked to name a state with the letter “Y” in it. They responded with “Florida-y” which led Steve to collapse into a fit of laughter. That was when he realized he was at a loss, as well. He had no idea when it came to any states with the letter “Y” in them.

“I’m going to be with you. I can’t think of one either! I really can’t.”

Steve was soon labeled “FLUNKED” after he could not answer this question. It soon made its way onto social media platforms, including the show’s Instagram page.


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Fans of the show soon chimed in with their thoughts on what happened:

  • i mean wyoming but like that works 😭
  • I have never been to the US and I could think of atleast 3 in 2 seconds.
  • New York, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Maryland… 🤦🏾‍♂️
  • Americans 0 x 1 geography. Once again.
  • Out of 50 states, you couldn’t think of a single state with a Y?


After seeing this episode as well as the clip, one person said that this country is “doomed.” There were several people who were not from America who knew more geography than Steve Harvey and the show’s contestant. Regardless, it was a really funny and memorable moment, showing that even the host can make a mistake. More so, Steve was able to laugh at his fumble which was even better television. Finally, it got people at home thinking.

Did you immediately come up with a state that has a “Y” in it or was that a struggle for you? Or, was it hard for you, as well? Let us know in the comments below.

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