‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Ghosts Savanah, Fans Rage

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Sister Wives fans have been angry about Kody Brown before, but after ghosting Savanah at Christmas, they rage with fury. In fact, the 4th episode of Season 18 of the show made some people turn off their TVs. Robyn, the last remaining wife also got roasted. What did Savanah do to get bad treatment? Find out what critics are saying about it.

Kody Brown & Robyn Get Roasted At Christmas

TLC viewers think that the Sister Wives show just brought out the worst in Robyn’s husband. For a start, he ignored his children with Janelle. Secondly, Robyn infuriated viewers because she didn’t seem to want Christine’s girls to feel special when they stayed over for a second Christmas. As the episode progressed, it became obvious to fans that the only people who matter to Robyn and Kody are Robyn’s offspring. Fights between the adults are bad enough, without taking toxicity into the lives of the kids.

Kody Brown really worked up the rage with fans for the way he treated Savanah. In December last year, fans saw an episode where Janelle’s daughter, (18) spoke about her father’s absenteeism. She hardly saw him during the pandemic because he insisted on his social distancing rules. That led to estrangement from Gabe and Garrison. Additionally it it ultimately destroyed his family. However, critics think their dad’s behavior during the holidays in Season 18 was uncalled for.

Kody Brown Ghosts Savanah – Fans Wonder Why

In the episode, TLC viewers saw the sons of Janelle opening their Christmas gifts, and their dad wasn’t with them. Savanah and her brothers didn’t even get a call from their dad. Neither did Janelle. Meanwhile, Robyn and her kids got the undivided attention of the Sister Wives patriarch. Shocked, fans freaked out because he didn’t even send Savanah a gift, a card, nada! So, the roasting across social media began. On Twitter, (X), a commenter said that He is “disgusting.” After all, he didn’t even send a “F–king text.”

TLC Sister Wives Fans Roast Kody Brown's Christmas Twitter
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Kody Brown purchased lavish gifts for Robyn’s children. In fact, he claimed that he felt no desire to make the day special for any of Janelle’s children. Obviously fans were furious. They might be able to grasp that he and Janelle’s boys don’t get along. However, what did Savanah ever do to him? Actually, she seems retiring and quiet and unlikely to goad her father at all.

TLC Fans Unfavorite The Sister Wives Show

Another Tweeter asked, “Does TLC really think people are gonna tune to watch seasons of him lovebombing all new emotional punchingbags.” They also felt that Kody Brown acts “like garbage.”

More people also roasted the patriarch.

Is the TLC show done for you after Sunday’s episode? Are you shocked that Kody could be so cruel to Savanah? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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