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Kody Brown Gets Beat To A Pulp On His Social Media

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Kody Brown has not posted on Instagram in over a year. His last post was regarding his third wife, Christine exiting the family on November 2nd. However, the father of eighteen had turned off all comments so no one could share their thoughts and feelings. Yet, there was one post prior, from September 2021 that did allow commenting.

It was of his backyard, the caption being: “Our back yard. There was snow, lightning, a rainbow and a sunset of dreams. Love this place.” Of course, Sister Wives fans could care less what it said as they had a lot to say to him and it was not kind in the slightest.

Kody Brown Gets Lambasted On Social Media

Though the scenery and photograph on Kody’s Instagram were beautiful, the comments were atrocious. Fans needed a place to tell Kody how they felt about his behavior on the show, especially as of late. So, they went right to the newest one that allowed comments. Despite the posting being over a year old, the most recent comment was from earlier today. “the most selfish man alive!” it simply read. They proceeded to just get worse.

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Another wrote: “You were more worried about Queen Sobbyn having Covid than you were when Ysabel had spine surgery!! WOW DAD OF THE YEAR!!!” This was followed by: “You are a joke. Respect isn’t demanded it’s earned and have done nothing to earn it. I hope Janelle leaves you. She deserves better than a whiney little man child who takes advantage of his wives and throws temper tantrums like a toddler.” There were several comments about how respect is earned but how he continues to demand it but never reciprocates.

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Someone called him a “terrible person” while another asked why Truely stayed with Janelle on her Flagstaff visit and not with him. In the latest episode, Christine and her youngest daughter returned from Utah to gather the rest of their stuff. Though Kody has said that he would set up a room for Truely at his and Robyn’s lavish home, it seems that has not happened. The tween was seen having a sleepover at Janelle’s while roasting marshmallows with Janelle’s youngest, Savanah.

Financially Messed Up

Fans of the show also went in on Kody Brown for the way he plays with finances. “Give Janelle her money back. I can’t understand what happened to you. You seemed nicer in the beginning. Now – not so much. Are you okay?” one asked. Another added that Robyn has done nothing for the family. However, the other wives have been expected to help pay for her lifestyle. They do not understand that in the slightest.

Kody Brown/YouTube

He was also called a bevy of names with followers hoping his other wives wise up and leave him as Christine did. Whether he will actually pay attention to what his followers have to say is yet to be seen. Though he appears to have a big ego, is it enough for him to change his ways? Again, yet to be seen.

Do you think the followers’ comments will have any impact on Kody? Or will he continue to ignore them the way he avoids posting? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. I don’t think kody will ever change. he has want he want and that’s Robyn and her kids. he doesn’t care about his other kids or wife’s.

      1. Kody is a nasty bitter old man. Meri is just jealous that Kody didn’t fight or get mad, over her the way he did with Christine! Janelle even said that Meri was a nightmare to be around! Meri was mean to her sister wives. Kody could care less about any of them, except cry baby Robyn! the only thing that Robyn brought to the family was baggage!

        1. I believe cody never cared about any of his wifes. after robyn came into the picture.and I believe they all deserve better.and him and robyn should give back the money they took.I feel sorry for the other of his children.He sucks as a father.

          1. I agree. Koty is a narcissist. He may appear to change for the media and to look better. A narcissist wants followers. They can adapt their behavior for some time. He has become verbally abusive. He blames the wives for his bad behavior. He needs to concentrate more on his children. But I don’t see that happening.

          2. Cody is all about himself you can’t talk to him he’s rude he’s ignorant and he’s all about him him him there’s no other one but him he needs big help nobody should be staying with him

        2. Agreed. He’s a cowardly, damaged, egotistical, unethical, uneducated loser. He’s not the least bit ‘hurt’ about the divorce from Christine — he’s ANGRY because she INITIATED it thereby bruising his very LARGE, fragile ego! He wasn’t the last bit ‘hurt’ about the situation with Meri either as she also bruised his very LARGE, ego. Now, he’s going after Janelle because she has the audacity to stand up to him. He stays with Robin because she’s needy and the newest Kody trophy.

          He does not take care of his 18 kids and never did. What father does not accompany his daughter to the hospital when she’s having major surgery? If that was Robin’s kid — he would have climb mountains to be there. Once Robin gets older — he will replace her with a

      2. While I don’t care for Kody nor for many of his view points, I think Robyn gets a bad wrap. She believes in plural marriage and follows Kody’s mandates. There have been snippets on the show when she has expressed her frustration in having her husband there all the time. I think she has tried to get along with all the wives. Christine had jealousy issues and for her own mental health and peace, I am glad she has extricated herself from the lifestyle. If anything the show points out the fallacies in plural marriage. It would be interesting to have the rules reversed, one wife and four husbands, wouldn’t it?

        1. I remember that being mentioned once on the show and he was just horrified, like multiple men and 1 woman, disgusting! oh ok now it’s disgusting but the other way is fine. What a jerk he is.

        2. I do not give Robyn a pass. She has manipulated the situations with Meri and was not a good sister wife to Christine or Janelle. I think she drove wedges between Cody and his wives. Also Robyn NEEDS to get a job! Everyone else in that family works! She could at least pay for her nanny!

          As far as Cody? He deserves EVERY comment. He is a narcissistic, horrible and nasty person! What he has does to these women is verbal and emotional abuse. I can’t stand that man!

          I really hope TLC drops the show so these two can get real jobs and stop stealing from the other women. Then they can ride off into the sunset.

        3. That’s right I don’t think Robyn wants the life he’s turned hers into. I believe she wants him at the other wives house too, as much as hers. But he’s only wanting her and only in love with her. He has 4 unhappy wives seems like he’s the problem.He can’t keep one of them truly happy hrs obsessed with Robyn and she’s not obsessed with him.

        4. Robyn knows exactly what she is doing. Does any of the other wives now or Ever had a 5 bedroom house and a NANNY? Robyn is a 1950 wife, I get my chores and children homework done before Kody comes home so he can have my undivided attention. Makes me want to puke! I’m sure your nanny cleans and takes care of your kids all day long. Your only job is to do that ridiculous hairdo and crappy makeup.

    1. Kody is a man child that never change . He wants what he wants when he wants . Hopefully Meri will get her head out of her ass and realize that Kody is serious about not fixing there marriage/relationship. Janelle seems like she’s real close to leaving . There lives will be so much easier and happy without Kody . Robin needs to leave as well. Robin do not let Kody be mean to your children . Kody seems to be the type that would be overly harsh if they step out of line , or if the they don’t do what Kody wants them to do or steps out of line in any way.

    2. You are so right! Kody is the epitome of self righteous narcissism. Robyn is willing to do everything the master says so he is fine with her. but he can’t handle any woman who thinks for herself!


    4. I wonder why TLC keeps the show going! Robyn gets a free ride along with her ugly snotty brats on the backs of Janelle and Meri. Christine was brilliantly planning and made a wonderful exit! Well done Christine! Too bad the other three aren’t that smart!

  2. I really hope Janelle leaves too. It’s pretty evident that all you want is not SISTER WIVES but sister WIFE and that’s Robyn! SHAME ON YOU FOR YOUR HYPOCRACY!! You told Christine you were not attracted to her and suggested Meri stay with the bed and breakfast that was her mother’s. How clear is that!!!???!!

    1. Narcissism at its best. He’s used and abused the wives and now that they are older he is discarding them one by one. They are wising up and no longer funding he and Sobyn’s lifestyle so he’s ready to let them go. Has never truly loved them. It shows.

    2. kody just needs f_ck buddies not wives, he can care less about any of them. meri he wants nothing to do with you he only needs your money to help Robin and him self live good. that’s not a real man

  3. I imagine he must have a number of children that are still minors. If all the other women would take off he would have a whole lot of child support to pay. Which he truly deserves living off of others.

    1. Kootie only has two minor children aside from Sobyn-Robyn’s kids. Janelle’s daughter Savanah is around 17 and Truely is around 12. The rest are all adults.

    2. Right on point. As I was going through the comments I wondered why nobody mentioned the issue of child support. With Robyns name on everything belonging to the other wives, I see law suits in the future. Between child support and law suits, I see Kody and Robyn living in the poor house. Would serve them right. Wake up ladies, it’s time YOU took control of your lives.

  4. When he could not bother to accompany his daughter when she had a serious spinal surgery, you had to know he was worthless.

    1. I agree, uses the excuse he has little ones at home, um isn’t that what the nanny is for? Yet no problem attending a wedding, where were the little ones then? What a loser thus guy is, Robyn you deserve him, you are so phoney!

    2. Kills me how Christine’s daughter can even begin to talk to sobin robin. What a traitorous child! She watched how k&r treated her mother and she still allows her into their lives. Sick!

  5. kodys a big self centered jerk .he wanted these women n can’t even take
    care of them physical, emotionally.or any other way. he judges them he needs to look at him self he wanted them but qqdoesn’t fix him self.hes the problem in the family. kids at older ages need there so called dad.hes going to loose them all.and deserves too. there’s nothing great about him.he pays more attention to Robin s older kids then his own.im glad Christina left,n hope jennell..mary should leave too.hell never love her again n she deserves better.you suck kody your a horrible person.

    1. Yep Meri just looks stupid for staying. And I really like Janelle and I hope she leaves soon..I think she will…And for robyn ..shes an idiot. And deserves kotex..lol..leave him Janelle..wise up Meri

  6. In the beginning We all watched as we were curious about Plural Marriages. What we saw was jealousy, favoritism, abandonment. It was so dysfunctional and not a big happy family at all. Kody Brown was not in love with 3 of his wives. He was an opportunist and self-centered man using religion and women for His own wealth. Karma will get Him.

    1. Exactly. IMHO he has serious mental and emotional issues. His older children are more adult than he is. He is a poster boy for narcissistic sociopathy.. what a pathetic excuse for a father. husband and “man”.

    2. I too started watching because I was curious about plural marriage. The Brown’s marriage was different from what I had previously seen as plural marriage: young teen brides married to old men, etc.

      Initially I was impressed with the family. The more I watched, the more I came to realize how dysfunctional their marriages are. It is very telling that none of the children that have married or are engaged want plural marriage.

      I think it could work and be functional and happy, if the man was not a raging narcissist and could love and treat his wives equally. That is the biggest problem in this marriage, they are not treated equally, not loved equally and jealousy swirls around the wives. It would be very hard to have good relationships with your sister wives if the relationships aren’t equal. If Kody wanted his wives to get along and be close, he should have done a better job at being their husband.

    3. Marion, you hit the proverbial nail. We did begin watching out of curiosity. Had we looked closer in the beginning we’d have seen Kody’s insecurities. He wasn’t proud of his children. He was proud of HIMSELF for having them and , WHOAAA!, suddenly there was a way to make money by using them on TV! Then he ran into Robyn and by golly, he wanted her for himself. Oh, he was all nice, nice adopting her (basically) fatherless children and we thought that was wonderful. But then, let’s face it. What man can physically take care of four very different women. We know he couldn’t afford to take care of allll these offspring. He needed the women to support him, and the kids and by he’ll they all better be smart and cute and perfect. Like Robin and hers. Then the cracks started. First, how dare Meri look for someone who is interested in her. And on the web!! (I THINK THAT’S FUNNY). He wasn’t worried that she could be in danger.
      It angered him that she wanted to look for someone. I MEAN REALLY, SHE HAD THE BEST, didn’t she??
      The man is worthless and that’s how he will end up. Worthless and penniless.
      Meri will finally wake up
      one day and leave. Janelle will leave now that she’s figured out he cares nothing for her. Christine is gone. And then there’s Robin. She signed up for a plural marriage. Thats not what she’s been given. Kody showered her with his time. And the other wives didn’t like that or her. The cracks have gotten deeper.
      I believe most of his adult children will be done with him before long.Of course he’ll say their mothers turned them against him.
      I think Robyn will leave him and I hope she gets some kind of help for her kids!
      Then poor, poor, really poor Kody will find a ghost writer to write the story of his life, with all the horrible things everyone has done to him.
      And I, for one, wouldn’t spend two cents on it. Unless his wives and the children get to split the proceeds.
      It was a great run for him. Too bad he was too self centered to see it.
      All those beautiful children will have happy lives, I pray, without him.
      God riddance, Kody!

  7. I get it kodys has small kids with Robin and see a need To be with .he was like that with his other kids as well .as for Mary she her own person and should stay who wants to leave 18 kids and a man she has love most of her life I pray for all of them

  8. this is a horrible protrayal of a marriage. the bible says one man and one woman! not one man and several women. This show needs to be taken off the air.

  9. Interesting Mykelti, who doesn’t follow Kodys COVID protocol came to Robyn’s house with new baby. Then Mykelti went to her mom’s. The family all came to say goodbye. One of Robyn’s kids went to hug Truley and Kody said just me. He hugged her and went back to Robyn and family. So much for his protocol.

  10. We all know the plan was to have Robyn his only wife. Kody had no intention of living a plural marriage. There were no teachings of religious beliefs as a family except for Robyn saying she prays. Kody threw everyone except Robyn under the bus. I hope Robyn has to live with Kody for the rest of her I’ve. That would be a just sentence for her being so cruel to the others.

    1. kody has said it the only reason why he wants to be a at Robyn’s is because robyn and her kids let him rule their house..that’s sad..what a little man to have to have, and feel that need of complete control…I am so shocked he used all family funds to buy Robyn a mini mansion and all other wives had less then nothing… smfh.. Christina was smart to insist on getting a house of her own.. poor Janelle just wants a home of her own.. and meri has got to be the dumbest woman of all.. kody made it clear he only keeps her around for her money!! he said he wants her to partner with them which is him and robyn so the land can get paid off.. meri gave all her funds from the sale of her last house so Robyn’s house could be bought!! wake tf up meri.u look like a fool to the entire WORLD!! kody said he doesn’t want u in any way.. u need to move on in your life! imagine being with a man who loves and wants only you.. all of u women deserve that!! kody you should feel like a pos cause that is what u are!!a small, small excuse of a man!!

  11. kody probably had it sold planned out…get the first wives to sell their homes in Las Vegas…him and Robyn pocket the profits from those sales. Treat the first wives like crap so they’ll leave..Open a new money account as DABSARK…for his family with Robyn…Dayton, Aurora, Briana, Solomon, Ariela, Robyn, Kody. and the family he once had..left in the wind. kody must have plans for Coyote Pass too which is why he’s putting roadblocks for Janelle to build..so she doesn’t and he and Robyn keep Coyote Pass for themselves.

      1. It was pretty clear from Janelle. She’s the one that “helps” manage it and does paperwork. Mary outright said all her house money went to Robyn’s house and that was why she’s been renting. I died laughing when in Robin’s side view confessional made the comment ,
        “We all put OUR money together”

      2. He divorce Meri,cause Robin ex didn’t want his kids kids living with them!He run to court got rid of only wife that he was married to,and married Robin,so she could keep child support .

  12. Kody doesn’t resemble Kody from season one.
    The more I study him he is looking more and more like Charles Manson. Interesting isn’t it. Both of these men demand/ed their women follow him no matter how insane the demands are/were. Both are considered narcissistic too.

    1. You are exactly correct! He does look like crazy, electrified Charles Manson! He is demonic and has lost touch with reality. Robyn is a cunning thief-that crying is an act-she just wants to take the money and run. She appears to be a convicted felon personality. She has ruined her children’s lives. Robyn is scary-a wicked, conniving witch. The payback will be hell. Who came up with
      the “mansion” idea-those are cheaply built-just above government housing. As for Meri-cut the ties so we don’t have to see anymore of her cockamamie schemes that center around lunacy!
      TLC has stooped to a ew low!

  13. Kody makes me sick to my stomach. He is a jerk and is narcissistic. claims he care about all his kids, but that is not true. What would Robyn do if had to pay child support for all the other kids.

  14. Cody is the web a liar and manipulator he got married to divorce him so that he could make Robin his legal why she is also a manipulator Marie needs to get her head out of her ass and leave him and I hope Janelle will soon be behind Christie leave him and Robin there together

    1. Kody has to be the biggest self centered IDIOT!!! that TLC has ever put on air. The rest of them women needs to dump his ass, like the rest his adult children have. Meri wake up and smell the coffee you look pathetic!!!!

    2. Cody is a liand he wants all the wives to take care of him and Robin I think he needs to be taken off the show


  16. Has anyone noticed what a drama queen Kody is? He loves the camera and is so dramatic and flails his arms and body to express himself. WHAT A JOKE! These women have been mind controlled and are finally realizing what a sorry excuse of a man he is. Don’t walk, run and get away from him.

  17. Kody is a jerk. I’ve never like him from the start. What woman in their right mind would want him and other women sleeping with him. Robin is a two faced ass who only wants him for herself. I hope all the women leave and let Robin have him. There are better fish in the sea other than him.

  18. why is this terrible show still on tv?? They are making a bundle of $$ at the viewers expense. Stop feeding them ur valuable time watching. I pray it gets cancelled. There are so many “Real Couples who love each other and would b a bettter example . Thats worth watching grow together than these people. Right!!!!!!!!

  19. I really thought polygamy was illegal in the U.S. I can’t understand, this man has absolutely nothing of value That includes looks, body etc. Robin – Can someone please give her a free makeover. She needs help in that department. More importantly I think Robin used Kody and the other wives in helping to achieve the goals for her children that are not Kody biologically children.

  20. I believe that Kody and Robyn had a plan all the way back to when they were dating. To get Meri to agree to a divorce. Legally marry Robyn then phase out the other 3 wives. He says he hasn’t been in love with Meri for awhile. But he was until Robyn came. He and Christine were in a good place until Robyn came along. Same with Janelle. I believe he treats his wives except Robyn as a possession. Grow up Kody and be a husband to all your wives. You made a commitment to them till death you do part, not to just Robyn.

  21. Robin lives in a 966,000 dollar house, and Jannelle lives in a trailer. unbelievable! I have come to believe that a conspiracy exists between Kody and Robin. I cannot believe it was there at the beginning
    but that it developed over time.

    Meri and Janelle, if you leave now, with the advice of a lawyer, fighting for everything that you have plowed into Robin’s house and debts, you can start again. By the time for retirement, you should have accumulated a substantial estate.

    Because of your straitened finances over the time of your spiritual marriages, you may have to produce documentation for a legal suit. Of course, since Cody and Robin are legally married, they’re on solid legal
    ground. You may have to sue them for their fiduciary irresponsibility. Because you do the taxes for the entire family, Jannelle, you should have a tremendous amount of information on who gave what to whom.

    It is clear to me that Kody does not love you. He says things mean things to you, despite you two being the most devoted and loyal of all the wives. I fear that your true love for Kody and your innocence may have been a mistake.

  22. kody and Robyn only want to be together so Mary kody says as far as he’s concerned he is no longer interested in any way shape or form…Janelle you are too independent for kody Christine paved the way for you ladies run don’t walk and sue kody and Robyn for anything you can those 2 dush bags deserve each other

  23. I actually feel kind of sorry for Robyn. She’s trapped in that house day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year with…Cody. Well, too bad. She’s made her bed and now she has to lie in it WITH CODY!!! UGH!!! LOL Too soon?

  24. I am stunned that TLC would continue this joke of a show. they are promoting verbal and physical abuse of women. Robyn has ruined the Brown family. she is a user and I am sick of all her phony tears. We are all on to you Robyn. You have weaseledvyour way into this family and destroyed it with no thought of how you were hurting all the children. Kody and Robyn should be arrested for fraud. They deserve each other.

  25. I enjoy watching Kody dig his hole deeper and deeper. The older kids should thank him for showing them exactly what NOT to look for in a partner. I hope Meri and Janelle step out of the box and look in with eyes wide open. Then and only then will they realize they’ve been had. This so-called ‘man’ is a spoiled child who has zero control over his own life so in compensation tries to control everyone else around him. How’s that working for ya Kiddy Kody?

  26. I hope Christine has a good life. I’m so glad she got out. Hope u find a great man who will treat u good.

  27. If you enjoy dramatic theater-like antics, watch Sister Wives. Kody is the one to watch! It’s comical at times. This self-absorbed individual, wants to prove his manhood, he’s such a stud! It’s like, “LOOK AT ME!” I’ve got it all! He’s got “HIS” women, who have given him all of “HIS” children. These are a couple of things, besides his hair, LOL that have helped inflate his self-esteem, to the max! He’s really an example of a loving, respectable husband and father for the world to see. Thank goodness Meri has her Bed & Breakfast. Seems she has tossed away most of her life hanging on to Kody who doesn’t give a shit about her. Damn, I wish she would escape from his spell.

  28. when meri divorced kody so that robyn didn’t lose her children there should have been an agreement that once the dust had settled and custody had gone to robyn that cody would divorce robyn and remarry meri. that would have been the only fair way.

  29. I believe the family dynamics did change. When Robyn entered the family. A game of chess. Her first move. Take the Queen. She had Kotex divorce Meri. Then Kotex says. He does not have sex with someone he is not in love with. But he has sex with the one he does. What does your holy grail say about showing love and affection for your wives.Does it give you the chose to choose. Or does it say equally. He believes Christine is out of her mind. Kotex are you out of Your mind. You introduced divorce to the family. You were supposed to Love Honor Cherish and Protect and Support Everyone. You let in something that has over time Destroyed Everything… You Did this. No one Else. You let the family Down. At this point just go into therapy for yourself. Try to recover from what You have become. Get some help.

  30. Cody states his marriage is a sinking ship. the fact it it is a ship that the rats are trying to jump ship and they don’t know how to do it.
    Stop trying to be such a philosopher, the suit does not fit. you are manipulador and frankly not a good one.
    Grow up and smell the Coffee.
    Janelle should be respected why don’t try it now.

  31. I am disgusted by this pig named Kody.
    He has an IQ of 5, steals money from
    the wives, all of the kids should be in child protective services or some other protective setting. Kody has no common sense, no intelligence, does not demonstrate Christian values and has defrauded everyone but Personally, I think it is time that the IRS come visit’

  32. Kody is a total jerk. Remember that Robyn originally didn’t have good enough credit to get a loan on her house in Vegas. Janelle used some of the family money to pay off Robyn’s debts so that she could qualify for the loan…
    NOW, Robyn and the Kod-ster are gaslighting Janelle by saying they can’t build on their property until it’s paid off. That’s not true. They can build on it now, and worry about how the land will be divided later. I think as soon as Robyn is old enough to not have any more children, and the two kids she has with Kod-ster are older, he’ll dump her too. And it will serve her right. She’s a manipulative, selfish, jerk. Shame on both of them for using the other three wives so.

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