Kody Brown from TLC, Sister Wives

Kody Brown Says Don’t Be Salty, He Has Standards

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Sister Wives fans in general don’t particularly care for Kody Brown. Over the years, they’ve watched him transform from a caring, doting father into someone who seemingly can’t stand his family. This season, viewers feel he’s being abusive to Christine and don’t blame her at all for leaving.

But what did he say that rubbed Redditors the wrong way? Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

Redditors ROAST Kody Brown for his “standards”

Seasoned Sister Wives fans know that it’s not at all uncommon for Kody Brown to put his foot in his mouth. He often says things he wishes he hadn’t and it rubs his family and viewers the wrong way. Plenty of fans still remember the time the family patriarch ranted about how the LGBTQ+ community had more rights than he did.

Kody Brown from TLC, Sister Wives
Kody Brown/TLC

But now that Christine is leaving him, fans are seeing a brand new side of Kody Brown. They didn’t think things could get any worse — but they absolutely can.

“I’ll just leave this here,” Redditor SueDohNymn shared. They attached a photo of Kody saying that he “has standards.”

Kody brown from Sister Wives, Redditor SuDohNymn
Sister Wives/SuDohNymn

“[Every] new episode he just becomes more repulsive,” another user added.

“Kody reminds me a lot of my one stupid ex,” another Redditor wrote. “He was so stupid he didn’t know how stupid he was [and] thought he was smart. He used to drone on and on about being a leader and all this sh*t but anytime anything went wrong it was my fault.”

A few other users pointed out that if anyone has standards, it’s Christine. She’s finally standing up for herself and what she knows she deserves.

What do you think of Kody Brown’s attitude so far this season? Leave your ideas in the comments.

The family continues to break down as Season 17 continues

Sister Wives viewers have no doubt that Kody Brown plays a pretty big role in the family’s breakdown. However, some also argue that TLC is also partially to blame here.

In another Reddit thread, users discuss how the family may have felt pressured to build things up for the camera. Filming crews have also been present in the home for the last 12 years — which is longer than some of Kody’s children have even been alive. Growing up in the public eye couldn’t have been easy on the kids either.

Amid all the chaos in the Brown family, fans just wish that they would be honest with one another. It seems as if there is just so much deceit and a total lack of transparency in the home.

Don’t forget to catch the latest installment of Sister Wives. There will be a new episode this Sunday night at 8 PM eastern time. Tune in and keep up with the drama.

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  1. “Here’s the thing”, (as Kody says constantly) he’s mean, egotistical, “not up for any criticism” as he said in therapy and Nancy, the psychologist, said “Are you serious”? He doesn’t divide his time with the wives equally, says snotty things about them and doesn’t seem to care if he hurts their feelings. Now he does the same with his kids. He makes them feel unloved.

  2. It has always been about Kody and now that Christine stood up to him, he can’t handle it. In my opinion, the only wife is Robyn and the others are made up spiritual wives. Come on, that is not a wife. Don’t know why Meri keeps saying she is a wife, no you are not! They remaining women need to leave and do it now!

  3. Kody is a ass. Meri is pathetic and plays a victim. Robyn is manipulative.

    Janelle should demand her money back and build or buy her own. Kody and Robyn should be ashamed for taking her money and not give it back now that she wants her own home. Did Robyn need such a expensive house. Janelle needs a lawyer. Robyn claims working together. Not true. Kody left her hanging. She needs to prepare to leave. I was so proud Janelle stood her ground. Meri needs to go. She is not liked by anyone in the family. Robyn talks to her cause both are out cast.

    Janelle, please get your money from hey owe you and for your coyote pass lot and just buy in Utah not far from Christine and live a happy life. Possibly meet a nice man or at least date. Your a beautiful caring women with excellent values. Life is to short. I know you like coyote pass. Let it go. Get a attorney advising Kody, Robyn and Meri to pay back. Leon’s can be placed on their property if they don’t pay back.

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