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Is TLC To Blame For Kody Brown’s Family Unraveling?

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When your daily life is on display for people to judge, it can surely take a toll on the family dynamics. More so, if you are married to four women! TLC’s Sister Wives premiered back in 2010 introducing the Brown family. Now that Season 17 is four episodes in, fans are wondering whether this changing family dynamic has anything to do with TLC being involved.

TLC’s Sister Wives Introduces Big Changes In Season 17

The biggest change that was seen this season was Christine Brown’s separation from the family. However, this wasn’t a big surprise for fans given that she hasn’t been happy with Kody, especially after Robyn became a part of the family. Not just that, even Meri Brown has subtly hinted time and again that she might decide to end her spiritual marriage.

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With Kody Brown edging more toward monogamy, a Reddit user took up the topic of TLC’s involvement in the Brown family.

They wrote, “I often find myself wondering if the addition of cameras in the Brown household hurt, hindered, or helped the Browns. I’m curious to what others think, especially those who’ve been like me, in it from the very beginning and have seen a slow progression (or erosion, depending on what we’re looking at) unfold over the years.”

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Another Redditor replied, “It sure helped Christine. It gave her money to move away. I also think it helped the kids. As they got older, they get opportunities to see a bigger world than the one Kody was selling them. The fact that most of them move away from him is telling.”

Did Kody Brown’s Family Benefit Heavily From Sister Wives?

A third user talked about the Brown family’s financial status since Season 1 and how it got better with time. They wrote, “Rewatch the first season and everything that has played out. Christine leaving, Meri’s unhappiness in her marriage, Kody undeniably focused on Robyn and favoring her. It is all there since Season 1, episode 1. It did help them financially, they were struggling hard to make ends meet with Robyn joining and not bringing any money in. And now look what kind of houses they can afford.”

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“TLC gave the women the means to escape,” joked a fourth user.

“So I guess if you twist that fact enough you could say TLC ruined them. But as someone who watched the series from pretty early on I say, that you could already see the toxic parts of their lifestyle and of Kody… It was just not as obvious as it is now. Thanks to the show they now can all leave with bags full of money,” they continued.

How Much Do Kody Brown & His Wives Get Paid From TLC?

The Browns did get good financial compensation from TLC for Sister Wives. As per reports, Kody and his wives receive about 10 percent of the total budget assigned per episode. The estimated yearly payment to the Browns ranges between $250,000 and $400,000. This is shared between Kody and the four wives.

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However, now that Christine is no longer a part of the family, chances are, she won’t be paid anymore.

Do you think TLC did affect the Brown family dynamics? Share your thoughts in the comments and don’t miss Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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