Savanah Brown Shrugs Off Visits From Kody, ‘Doesn’t Matter’

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Savanah Brown has had to adjust to rarely seeing her father, Kody. Mainly because of her brothers, Gabe and Garrison, and the way that they chose to live their lives. Plus, her mother, Janelle was looked at as disobedient in her father’s eyes. Kody did not think she was being careful enough during the pandemic.

There was a point where Janelle flat-out told Kody not to come by and then he would just stop by for a quick time. Sadly, he hated the RV so much, his time spent was even more infrequent. Now that Janelle and Savanah have an apartment in town, have things finally changed? His youngest daughter opened up about her feelings for her dad in the latest Sister Wives episode and it was sad.

Savanah Brown Shrugs Off Visits From Kody, ‘Doesn’t Matter’

Janelle had revealed that she and Savanah would be moving into a rental apartment. They needed to leave their RV once the permit was up and she was excited. Now that Kody was recovered from Covid, he was finally able to come to see their new place. Admittedly, it was small but bigger than the RV. Of course, when Kody entered the apartment, he was not impressed at all. Even Janelle noted that he likes nice things and big spaces.

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Savanah got a hug from her father and went on to explain what it was like to have him around. She mentioned that it was not that big of a deal when he was there. Since the pandemic, he had come by but it was really just to visit and, at this point, it really doesn’t matter. Obviously, it is nice to have him there but he appears to have really never truly been there for the last few years.

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Kody explained that, at the RV, he spent the night but never the days. There was simply not enough room for him. He proceeded to criticize the size of the master bedroom and how there was no desk next to the bed. Kody needed a lamp high enough for him to do his reading but Janelle tried to make it fun. She said it was like they were a young, newly married couple starting fresh together. He just moped until she suggested they get food.

Missing In Action

It seems Savanah Brown is doing just fine without her dad. She recently celebrated her eighteenth birthday in Las Vegas with her mother and siblings. Kody was nowhere to be seen but that did not seem to faze the teen in the slightest. She will graduate next year and has a great mentality. Never once did she really complain about having to stay in the RV, like her dad did and she has made life an adventure with her mom by her side. Looks like it really doesn’t matter in the end if Kody is present or not.

Do you think Kody’s behavior is acceptable toward Savanah or is he punishing her for her mother? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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  1. Kody does not want anyone around that he can’t control, he has no respect for his family, they are old enough to have their own opinion, he wants all the access to the money, etc. even though he doesn’t work. Maybe if he got a job to keep him busy, he wouldn’t be such a cry baby bitch. Same with Robyn, greedy.

  2. I think…. This whole family should quietly disappear. Nobody should wait for news, gossip, give their opinions about them. There’s not a thing here past unhealthy voyeurism, and sure shouldn’t be paying them for any exposure. Please, let’s all just stop and find something/someones to watch and talk about. OK? 😊

  3. I really don’t watch the show like I used too. Things changed for the worse when Meri was forced into a divorce. What Robin said to her when it was final really changed it. Such a crude selfish woman

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