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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Insists Janelle’s RV Is A Piece Of Sh*t

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Kody Brown openly does not like Janelle’s RV. He thought it was a bad idea from the beginning. However, he really had no say in what she did as she bought it with her own money. Now, she has spent most of the summer in the RV, trying to work out all of the kinks but Kody has some strong words for her home. Read on for what has transpired since Janelle’s been residing in the mobile home.

Kody Brown Insists Janelle’s RV Is A Piece Of Sh*t

Despite going with her to grab it, Kody did not like the idea of living in an RV. He got really lucky with his other wives. Even though he never spends time with Meri, she has an amazing rental. As for Robyn and Christine, they both purchased amazing Flagstaff homes. He apparently also did like Janelle’s Flagstaff rental as he felt it was too small. Then it was sold and she opted not to purchase it but rather put the money toward Coyote Pass. She then took some of her own money and bought an RV.


It has had a series of issues, mainly leveling and trying to stay comfortable. However, she feels that, by living on Coyote Pass, she is helping to manifest them building on the property. Someone is finally using it. Unfortunately, Kody refuses to ever really stay there as he thinks it is too small. Even Robyn’s children mocked the size of the accommodations knowing that Janelle’s youngest daughter, Savanah has to stay there, as well.

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In the latest episode, Kody came by to help work on the RV, commending Janelle for doing her best while she’s been in it. Yet, he also has a lot of problems with it, feeling that it is not functioning as it should. He tried leveling it again though it should be self-leveling. Finally, he told Janelle that it was basically a lemon and they sold her a piece of crap. Kody thinks Janelle should just cut her losses but the mother of six is not ready to give up.

Building On Coyote Pass

Janelle has stayed in the RV so she can be on the family land. However, Kody Brown keeps reminding her that they have to pay it off first. This could have happened if Christine had sold her home and given the family the profits. Yet, she gave them her equity in Coyote Pass. Therefore, it was only fair that she got to keep her money from the sale and put it toward her Utah home. Janelle lets Kody know that her permit is almost up on the lot that she is parked on. So she needs new options which further stresses him out. As Janelle always does, she has other plans that do not include him.

Is Kody Brown right about the RV or does he just not like having to help out with it? Is he more upset that Janelle did something without him? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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