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Janelle Brown Says She Can’t Wait For Kody To Solve Problems

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Janelle Brown has made decisions on her own as she cannot wait for Kody. She opted not to buy her rental. Instead, she purchased her own RV and moved on to Coyote Pass. Of course, her husband Kody was less than thrilled with this purchase and idea. He pretended to go along with it as he was in the middle of a harsh divorce. Yet, he is still very verbal with his feelings, even if it hurts. Now, in the latest Sister Wives episode, Janelle is explaining that she can’t wait for Kody to solve their problems.

Janelle Brown Can’t Wait For Kody To Solve Things

Kody is not a fan of his wives doing things on their own. They make their own decisions and he is not always consulted. This was the case when Janelle’s rental was sold. She could have purchased it but instead, she opted to buy an RV. He actually wanted her to buy Christine’s home as she was selling it. Yet this was not a part of her plan. She had mentioned that she wanted to buy an RV for some time and try to live her life in that style.

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It ended up becoming more of a hassle that Kody has not wanted to deal with and he has been quite open about that. He shared his true feelings about this particular RV in the latest episode of Sister Wives. Kody is not a fan of it but Janelle let him know that her permit was up on the lot in six weeks. Therefore, she is looking at places in town with the hopes that, when she returns to Coyote Pass, they will be able to build.

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She explains to the camera that Kody wants to be a part of everything. He wanted to help with the rentals but she had to choose her own. In the end, he did not like the one she chose, thinking it was too small. Then, she needed a place to stay when it was sold and she did not want to buy Christine’s home. That’s when she bought the RV. Now, she has to figure out what to do when the permit is up and it starts to get cold so she found a place in town. Despite Kody being left out, Janelle knows she cannot wait for him to solve everything because then it will never get done.

Making Choices

Janelle Brown has had to live like a single woman for a long time. She could leave like Christine as she has always been fiercely strong and business-minded. Yet, Janelle explained that she has to stay within the family for one main reason. What is that? It is because she is the one wife with no assets to leave behind to her children. Meri has her B&B while Christine owned her home in Flagstaff. Finally, Robyn’s name is on her home with Kody but Janelle always rented. The money that she made from her Vegas home went into the family fund. So, for now, she is staying put but will be in control of everything.

Do you think Kody is lazy when it comes to solving problems? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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