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‘SW’ Fans Think This Was The Breaking Point For Janelle Brown

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Sister Wives fans have finally figured out the breaking point in Janelle Brown and Kody’s relationship and it has something to do with her son, Gabe. Janelle’s spiritual marriage with the Brown family patriarch has been strained for a long time. However, fans feel this incident with Gabe might have been the last straw that made Janelle leave Kody. Or was it the reason she confirmed her separation officially now? What was this incident? Keep reading to find out the details!

Kody Brown Forgets Gabriel Brown’s Birthday

In the latest Sister Wives episode, Gabriel broke down in tears as he recalled a phone call with his father who forgot his birthday. Instead of wishing him on his special day, Kody discussed Gabe’s experience with COVID-19 infection. At the time of this call, which was filmed a year ago, Kody, Robyn, and some Brown children tested positive for COVID.

Gabriel (Gabe) Brown, who is Kody’s fifth child with Janelle, turned 20 on October 11, 2021. Talking about his conversation with his dad, Gabriel revealed in his confessional that he didn’t remind his father about his birthday. He wished to check if he remembered and to Gabe’s disappointment, Kody didn’t. He described that the moment was just another phone call for Kody.

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Explaining his disappointment, Gabe broke down in tears in front of the camera before stating, “It was a lot worse than just a phone call for me.”

Although Kody did call back later trying to make up for it, it was the last time Gabriel ever talked to his father.

Was Janelle Brown Aware Of Gabe’s Emotional Breakdown?

Sister Wives fans feel that this particular moment was what caused Janelle to end it with Kody. On Reddit, fans discussed Janelle’s separation from Kody which has especially been big news lately. The OP wrote, “Is it just possible that Janelle never knew Gabe was interviewed about being called by his father on his birthday? And she saw it at the same time as the rest of us? She saw her son crying and it happened almost a year ago. And it is what possibly pushed her to make an official announcement.”

Gabriel Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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Another user explained, “No because at Logan’s wedding she did not sit with Kody. He sat on the bride’s side with Sobyn. I think those picture leaks were telling. We were all just waiting for the ‘official’ announcement.”

Why Did Kody And Robyn Take Out A Loan Against Their House?

Other fans speculated that Janelle left Kody soon after Christine did. However, one fan put up an interesting theory. They mentioned a podcast that stated that last fall around the time of filming Season 17, Robyn and Kody took out a 130K loan against their house. This is the same amount Janelle contributed from the sale of her Vegas house to Robyn’s $900,000 house. Fans hypothesize that this loan was a buyout for her leaving.

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Do you think Gabe Brown breaking down in tears is what caused Janelle to make her separation from Kody official? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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