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Kody Brown Said His Kids’ Birthdays Would Never Be Forgotten

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Kody Brown has always maintained that his kids’ birthdays wouldn’t be forgotten. More so, he even noted that birthdays were meant to be a huge celebration. However, he has consistently proven that this has not aged well. In last week’s episode of Sister Wives, he forgot his son, Gabriel’s birthday. Following that, the father of eighteen did not appear to be present to celebrate his daughter, Savanah’s 18th. So, how did he go from embracing the birthday to forgetting completely? Read on for details.

Kody Brown Said His Kids’ Birthdays Would Never Be Forgotten

A resurfaced video from the earlier seasons of the show has made it to Reddit. In it, Kody is seen celebrating a birthday, opening presents, kids, and wives all around. Then, he is sitting with his wives in the confessional explaining how birthdays are a big deal and they will never be forgotten. This has proven to be false with Kody’s recent actions both on and off-screen. When he had Covid, he called his son Gabe to see how bad it was. He forgot that the same day was his son’s birthday. They haven’t spoken since.

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Kody and Janelle’s youngest daughter, Savanah just turned eighteen but it was her mom who celebrated in Vegas with her. Fortunately, she had her siblings in tow to make it memorable. Now, a Reddit thread has been started to address Kody’s previous comments about birthdays never being forgotten. Fans are brokenhearted over the whole situation. They felt it aged like milk or a piece of “cheese out in the sun.”

Savanah, Janelle/YouTube  “This literally broke my heart when I saw it on tiktok the other day. Per the usual, Kody will have an excuse or reason for basically rushing his own children out of his life to enjoy a more intimate one with Robyn and her kids. The favoritism is thick and disgusting. Kody doesn’t care. That is the saddest part. A lot of these kids will have lasting emotional damage from things like this,” a Redditor noted.

How Tone Deaf Is He?

Kody Brown has become so lost in his own head with his divorce that he is missing the people around him. He recently had a brunch with Janelle to address their marriage. However, he ended up saying that their two sons together needed to apologize to his fourth wife, Robyn. Gabe and Garrison did not appreciate their father’s strict pandemic protocols and lack of respect for the family. More so, they felt that Robyn played a part in it. Janelle did not feel that they should have to come to him or apologize to Robyn.

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Fans are starting to wonder if Kody and his favorite wife can now do anything to redeem themselves. They have now fallen so low, it seems that they have a big hole to get out of. The biggest question is if they are aware of this hole. Moreover, are they willing to put in the work to admit they may have been wrong and then attempt to fix it?

Do you think Kody needs to find his old sense of family where birthdays and holidays actually meant something? Or is Kody too far gone? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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