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Shocking Tweet Kody Brown Made On Birthdays Resurfaces

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Fans are slamming Kody Brown after a tweet he made about birthdays in 2021 resurfaced. Sister Wives viewers have been heartbroken for Gabe Brown recently after watching him break down on camera about his dad forgetting his birthday. Now, people who watch the show have dug up an old tweet Kody wrote to point out how he contradicts himself. Keep reading to see what they mean.

Fans Are Heartbroken For Gabe Brown

After seeing how upset Gabe was in a recent episode, fans have taken to social media to express how bad they feel for him. Gabe Brown broke down in tears talking about how his dad completely snubbed him on his 21st birthday.

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As the episode unfolded, it became clear that Kody Brown had contracted COVID-19. Gabe had already made it through COVID earlier that year and, according to him, Kody called to get details about how bad he felt.

During the phone conversation, Gabe did not mention that it was his birthday. He wanted to see if his dad remember and, unfortunately, he didn’t.

“And to him, it was just a phone call just asking me about Covid,” Gabe said in the episode. However, it meant a lot more to Kody Brown’s son than that. He went on to say that it was the last time he spoke to his father.

Kody Brown’s 2021 Tweet Comes Back To Haunt Him

This prompted some Sister Wives fans to dig into Kody’s Twitter history and pull out a tweet from March 2021. At the time, he wrote, “We have always made birthdays a big deal. Maybe even an overindulgence in some opinions. But I defend big deal birthday as homage and celebration of each family member. It’s important.”

You can see why fans were eager to point out how he’s hurting his children. They quickly took to an online platform to discuss it. “He’s contradicting himself with less and less time in between each contradiction,” one person said. There was only about one year between the tweet and when he ignored Gabe’s birthday.

Another fan of the show pointed out that it shows Kody’s favoritism, once again. “Only kids of loyal wives get birthday wishes from Father,” they wrote.

Janelle And Kody Brown Split Rumors

Gabe Brown is the son of Janelle and Kody. Janelle is slowly but surely leaving the family, following in Christine Brown’s footsteps. Sources close to Janelle and the family said that the pandemic and the separation it caused showed the wives they didn’t need Kody Brown around to live their lives.

While Janelle has not publicly addressed the rumors of her split from Kody Brown, she has recently changed her Instagram bio to read, “Just me.” Many people believe that the way Kody has hurt her children was the final nail in the coffin of their relationship.

What do you think about how Kody Brown has contradicted himself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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