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‘SW’: Kody Brown Angry Cause He Can’t Get It Up?

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Kody Brown’s friends used to look at him in shock. They wondered how he could satisfy four women when they struggled to take care of one. As Sister Wives viewers have since learned, he is only romantically involved with one. Yet, is there a possibility that part of the reason he lashes out has to do with intimacy? Fans are starting to question if Kody cannot function in a romantic capacity. Therefore, that is a contributing factor to his sour mood. Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Angry Cause He Can’t Get It Up?

When it comes to wives, Kody has only been consistently romantic with Robyn. He and Meri have not been intimate in over a decade and he does not see that changing ever. Christine left when Kody told her that he wanted a romance-free marriage. That was the final straw for her because she could not live that way. Finally, he and Janelle are admittedly just friends but she has always said that he is a good father when it matters.

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Now, after the preview for Sunday’s upcoming episode, fans have started a Reddit thread over the belief that maybe Kody’s manhood is not functioning like it used to. Hence adding to the anger issues he already had. “I don’t think Kody is being intimate with any of the wives, even Robyn. I find it suspicious that in the homes he’s most recently talked about building he mentioned having 2 masters or having his own home /man cave,” it started.

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The OP added that he is in his early fifties so it would be totally normal for him to experience problems in that department. “I think when you are an angry old b**tard your blood pressure is always up and you are not in a good mental place. Kody cannot take care of business…..wink, wink,” another added. Someone further noted: “This has been my suspicion for a while! I think he is having trouble with ED, but his narcissist ego won’t let him admit it. So he blames the wives for lack of sex, classic Kody. Also, it was mentioned he was taking testosterone.”

Narcissistic Mentality

Several Redditors chimed in, saying that it was Kody Brown’s narcissistic mentality that won’t let him fix the situation. More so, it won’t let him acknowledge that he even has a problem that is not a quick fix. Others inquired if he and Robyn could not be intimate because their youngest daughter, Ariella still sleeps with them. That could very well be a factor but another pointed out how giddy he is around his guy friends. This idea has been discussed in the past so there are many different reasons why he is not getting any.

Either way, he is angry and even Robyn commented that they have never struggled this much before. Do you think he has intimacy problems? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. His giddy up got up and went. Thus why robyn blue pills and victoria’s secrets. Even she fails to bend his straw so to speak. Because it has been sipped thru too much. LOL

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