Kody Brown Says He’s ‘Spiritually Off Course’ & ‘A Mess’

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Kody Brown is really struggling in his life. Since Christine left him, everything has been far more difficult for the father of eighteen. He is also having problems with his second wife, Janelle. They keep butting heads about what is best for her in terms of a rental and now, Kody has reached his limit. In the latest episode of Sister Wives, he admitted where he is at spiritually and more about his well-being. Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Says He’s ‘Spiritually Off Course’ & ‘A Mess’

There have been a lot of mixed emotions now that Christine has left Flagstaff for Utah. On the one hand, Kody has lashed out at her, saying that she treated Robyn like dirt for years. Yet, on the other hand, Kody admitted that he wanted to tell Christine he loved her as she left for Utah. He cannot make up his mind. As Christine was getting ready to leave Flagstaff, her daughter Mykelti organized a going away get-together. It was so uncomfortable and awkward.

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As it was ending, Kody told the cameras that he never wanted to see Christine ever again nor did he want to drive by her home again. In the latest episode, he just happened to be driving by Christine’s home when she saw Janelle utilizing her water resources. He proposed that his second wife buy his ex-wife’s home since her offer had fallen through. It seemed he could not let go of that life. Then, when Christine returned to the house to finish gathering her belongings, Kody was there to help.

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They did not get along as he realized that she did not have to obey him and she saw that she could say whatever she wanted to her ex. The control was gone. As she drove away, Kody saw his life really shattered. All that he knew and had known was no longer. He admitted that he is now “spiritually off course” and “a mess.” What he once knew is no longer and he has no idea how to put it all back together.

Rebuilding, But How?

After Christine announced she was leaving, Kody Brown’s fourth wife, Robyn stood firm. She met up with his first wife, Meri, and told her that they had to rebuild. The family was in disarray and though she would understand if Meri left and moved on, she wanted her to stay with her and Kody. Though Janelle was not in on the conversation, Meri and Robyn were frowned upon for gossiping in the way that they were. Furthermore, fans wondered what rebuilding would look like. Would they add on a younger wife? How would the new family look?

In the end, Kody needs to figure out his feelings and sort out his rage so that he can be a better husband and father or this will never work. Do you think he can rebuild himself before his family? Are you surprised that he is being so honest about his failed spirituality? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


Amanda Lauren


  1. I never wish bad on anyone, but Kody is a mean and undeserving man and he has destroyed his family thanks to Sobyn. He is stupid and blames everyone else for his failure.

  2. I don’t Kody was mean in the beginning. He wanted his wives to conduct themselves a certain way. He gave everyone a choice to do what they wanted.
    1. He brought Robyn in wrong. They should have a had a group meeting about that.
    2. His timing was way off on Robyn’s arrival. He failed Robyn, Meri, Janelle and Christine when he did that.
    3. When he brought Robyn in, he set the family up to fail because he didn’t nourish those other relationships.
    4. Kody didn’t take care of his other wives. Robyn just became defensive to the wives over time and did everything that Kody wanted. She was/is submissive. The other wives are too independent.
    5. Finances – so wrong to not support Janelle’s future to support others. A major failure on the families part

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