Jill Duggar Slammed For Celebrating Demons

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Jill Duggar Dillard grew up under the rules of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar who don’t do Halloween. They will do pumpkin patches but there’s no spooky enjoyment. So when she shared about Halloween this year, Jill found a lot of Christian critics who follow the Counting On alums. In fact, some of them accused the former TLC couple of “celebrating demons.”

Jill Duggar Started Doing Halloween In 2019

Counting On fans noticed that in 2019, the mom of two at the time shared some costumes and fun during the spooky season. They went out for corn dogs and donuts, and critics soon flooded her post. Certainly, people like that she rebelled against her dad. However, those who keep their Christian faith to the last letter dissed the TLC alum.

Jill Duggar celebrated Halloween In 2019 - Instagram
Jill Duggar celebrated Halloween In 2019 – Instagram

In modern days, the annual spooky season seems to focus on horror movies and scary things. However, Jill Duggar kept it clean and simple. Some TLC fans were fine with it. After all, things are only as evil as you want them to be, they opined. It’s not like they sacrificed a cat and howled at the moon, after all. But this year, critics roasted her again.

Jill Duggar Does Halloween In 2023

In past Halloween posts, the former Counting On stars were dragged for going out to collect freebies. However, a lot of people do the same thing. In 2023, they found worse criticism than that. In her post on Instagram, she revealed that Derick Dillard dressed as Cousin Eddie from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. She didn’t show the kids’ faces, but they were with their parents.

Counting On alum Jill Duggar slammed For celebrating demons - Instagram
Counting On alum Jill Duggar celebrating Halloween 2023 – Instagram

Jill Duggar wrote in her caption, “🎃Idk if our family theme was just anti-theme this year, but we had fun anyway. We had a train conductor, an astronaut, Superman, an OSU cowgirl & Cousin Eddie. 😂” Most fans seemed thrilled that they all did normal things that Jim Bob would disapprove of. However, others slammed them hard.

Celebrating Demons?

One furious follower accused Jill Duggar of “compromise.” they wrote, “You dress for Halloween??? Wen (sic) you and your family didn’t believe in Halloween. ohh wow all you Duggars…do is compromise with the world. You sure changed a lot.”

Another critic raged, “THERE IT IS. A person who claims to follow God and his word CANNOT celebrate a holiday where the occult is celebrated. We cannot be the light of the world by celebrating darkness.”

Here’s an example of massive condemnation “Surprised as a Christian, you are celebrating the demons. You’re dancing with them!”

What do you think of Jill Duggar, the kids, and her husband, Derick Dillard all enjoying the spooky season?  Do you think that they are just about celebrating demons with their Halloween festivities? Or, do you think that it’s fine to dress up, have fun, and enjoy a bit of trick-or-treating? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and come back here for more news about the Duggar family from TLC’s Counting On.

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