Duggar: Did Jill Celebrate Halloween This Year?

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In the Duggar family, there are certain things that they don’t do. Much of this is due to their religion and their conservative values. Some of these things include not dancing and not celebrating Halloween.

If you’re a fan of TLC’s Counting On, or if you watched 19 Kids and Counting, you know that the females wear skirts instead of pants. Those who are dating aren’t supposed to go on dates without a chaperone. The list of things that the Duggars do and don’t do goes on.

Of course, once the kids grow up, they can live their own lives. For example, Jinger has chosen to wear pants instead of skirts. So far, it looks like most of the grown Duggar kids are going to stick to their parents’ values, but some changes have been made.

Jill hints that she celebrates Halloween

On Thursday, Jill posted a series of pictures on her Instagram account. She is one member of the Duggar family who uses Instagram quite often. She shares photos of her two sons, Israel and Samuel. On her page, she often shares details about their everyday lives.

In her post, she showed off her family’s Halloween costumes. She wrote, “We had a blast. We enjoyed dressing up this evening and going out for some family fall fun and Halloween freebies & deals!”

In the series of pictures, she included a few pictures of the tasty treats she and her family enjoyed. They took advantage of all of the freebies and discounts for those in costume.


In the comments section of her post, fans are a bit confused. They didn’t think that Jill and the rest of the Duggar family celebrated this holiday. If they don’t, why are Jill and her family members dressing up? Fans have decided they might have pulled together some costumes to get in on the good deals.

Why doesn’t the Duggar family celebrate Halloween?

During this time of year, there are a lot of questions about the Duggar family celebrating Halloween. The Hollywood Gossip recently shared about the Duggar family’s fall traditions. They discovered an old blog post from Michelle Duggar that includes, “While we do go to pumpkin patches and corn mazes, we don’t do the Halloween thing.”

Some Christians do associate Halloween with darkness, danger, and other not-so-good things. Duggar fans assume that’s why the family does not partake in the holiday.

What do you think of Jill’s Halloween festivities? Did you know how the family felt about Halloween? Leave a comment below.

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