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Welcome to Plathville revealed that Moriah Plath and her sister, Lydia got a shock when Kim Plath told the TLC stars about dating Ken Palmer. A preview showed their reaction, and they were not in Kim’s favor. Read on to find out what the two reality TV daughters said.

Welcome To Plathville Kim Plath Divorced Barry

For a very religious family, there are a lot of breakups going down. Kim divorced Barry and TLC fans thought she had lost her mind. In fact, a lot of people think that she saw Moriah and Micah enjoying their lives without rules, and decided to join them. Perhaps, she expected Moriah to welcome the news about her new boyfriend.

Welcome to Plathville fans know that Moriah dated Max Kallschmidt. That came to an end after he had bad thoughts about another girl. Actually, he hated the way Moriah flaunted her assets in skimpy short pants. More recently, the news arrived that Ethan and Oliva are divorcing. Clearly, the road to Heaven is paved with many distressing situations. In Season 5, Moriah and Lydia reacted to their mom moving on with a new man.

Welcome To Plathville Kim Plath Tells Lydia & Moriah About Ken

People Magazine carried an exclusive preview that revealed Barry’s ex talking with Moriah and Lydia. You can view the sneak peek further down in this article. When Kim sat down with Moriah and Lydia, she wasn’t in for an easy ride. Remember, Isaac already suspected something was going on with his flight instructor. So, he seemed a bit awkward in the conversation when she spoke to him. But, he accepted it.

Welcome to Plathville - TLC - Kim Plath reveals her new boyfriend to Moriah and Lydia
Welcome to Plathville – Kim Plath reveals her new boyfriend to Moriah and Lydia – TLC

In the Welcome to Plathville sneak peek, the first reaction was dead silence. Eventually, Moriah broke it by telling her mom, “I’m trying to convince myself that everything’s OK, you know, that I feel totally fine, it doesn’t matter. But I’m like, you know, I don’t support that.” Basically, she felt that her mom rushed things. Additionally, it was “a lot” to take in.

Lydia Reacts – Feels That Her Mom Lied To Her

The reaction from Lydia seemed one of disgust that her mom lied. She explained that Kim told her, “…one day, two years down the road, I might date someone, but I’m not ready for anything right now.” However, she now found out that “[Kim’s] been dating someone for a while.” Feeling shocked, she added, “She wants me to just, in one day…hop on board, accept everything and move on. Like, I don’t think I can do that. That’s too much to process.”

Not all TLC fans think ill of Kim Plath. One Welcome to Plathville fan reacted on Twitter X by saying, I can’t wait to see these 2 know it all, sheltered girls Tell their divorced mom they disapprove of her dating. Who do they think they are{?] Their mom has been through a lot (sic) and deserves to be happy! And they got their nerves!” 

Are you surprised that Moriah Plath told Kim Plath that she doesn’t support her new relationship with Ken Palmer? What about Lydia who is not happy and feels that her mom lied to her? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about Welcome to Plathville. You can watch the full preview via the Twitter X link below:

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