‘Welcome To Plathville’ Isaac Reacts To Kim’s Relationship Update

Welcome to Plathville- Kim Plath and Isaac Plath - Instagram

In the newest episode of Welcome to PlathvilleIsaac Plath reacts to his mom Kim’s relationship update. Other clips have shown that things are heating up between Kim and her boyfriend. And now, it’s time for her to tell her kids. Scroll down to check out the preview and see what Isaac thinks of this huge change happening in his family’s life.

Kim Plath takes her relationship to the next level.

As we reported, TLC dropped a new clip of Kim and her boyfriend, Ken Palmer, as they talked about where their relationship stands. They decided to become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Kim was very excited about this and couldn’t believe she was at this point in her life and in her relationship.

However, after making things official with Ken, it’s time for her to update her children.

Welcome to Plathville: Isaac Plath reacts to his mom’s big news.

Isaac has a close connection to Kim’s boyfriend Ken. This is because Ken is Isaac’s flight instructor. That’s also how Kim and Ken got to know each other.

In the new episode, which airs Tuesday night, Kim decides it’s time to tell her kids now that she and Ken are getting more serious. So, she sits down with Isaac first and gives him an update on her relationship.

Welcome to Plathville- Kim Plath and Isaac Plath - Instagram
Welcome to Plathville- Kim Plath and Isaac Plath – Instagram

Upon learning that she’s dating Ken, Isaac says, “It doesn’t surprise me.” When asked how he feels about it, he is speechless and doesn’t know what to say.

In a confessional, he admits, “I’m feeling sad for the most part. Just a little awkward. I don’t know what to think of it yet.”

Then, Kim explains that she still needs to tell the rest of the kids. She shares, “I wanted to tell you first ‘cause you’re the one who introduced us.”

Below, you can watch the clip to see how Isaac reacts.


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On Instagram, fans are pointing out that Kim seems to be putting a lot on her son by saying that he introduced her to Ken. One said, “Poor him!! His face looks like he’s feeling it all his fault!😢”

Another agreed, “Now he may think its his fault 🥹 which it isn’t but these poor kids.”

So, how do you feel about this conversation Kim Plath had with her son, Isaac? Are you interested to see how the rest of the kids react to this huge relationship update? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Plath family.

The newest episode of Welcome to Plathville airs on Tuesday, October 17 on TLC.

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