‘Welcome To Plathville’ Was Kim Plath Cheating Before Divorce?

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After Season 4, Episode 3, of Welcome to Palthville, fans were convinced that Kim Plath had a side piece. Recall, that she seemed very keen on Nigel. Barry was still married to his wife who started getting out more when they moved off the farm near Cairo, Georgia. Kicking up her heels, she embraced the good life, and some fans suspect, Nigel the Jamaican.

TLC Fans Question Kim Plath’s Fidelity

Barry clearly lost his wife because she decided that she was done being a good girl and raising kids. Actually, some people suspected that the Welcome to Plathville star felt some jealousy when she saw Micah and Moriah enjoy life after they left home. Anyway, the fun and games ended after her DUI in Florida. For a while, she went very quiet. And, the DUI that revealed the mysterious new man in her life.

YouTube, Kim and Barry Plath

Rumors that Kim Plath found a new man were confirmed after her accident. Legal documents revealed that she listed Ken Palmer as a co-signee on the vehicle’s ownership. Of course, sleuths soon discovered that he was none other than Isaac’s flight instructor. But, is she up to her old tricks? Might Ken Palmer also end up ditched for a side piece? Actually, many fans seem convinced that she cheated on Barry.

Kim Plath Repeating History With Ken Palmer?

TLC fans seemed stunned when Barry’s ex talked with her friend, Mama Sue about dating. Certainly, it seems that she wants the perfect man to serve her a life of luxury. Actually, her expectations indicate a need for a  silver spoon. It’s as if she lives in a dream world in some sort of idyllic romantic movie. Well, people doubt that Ken might deliver that. In fact, they seemed shocked because some of his social media content seemed dodgy to them. On Reddit, there’s some suspicion that she cheated on Barry and Ken might be next.

Kim Plath & Ken Palmer - Welcome to Plathville
Kim Plath & Ken Palmer – Welcome to Plathville
U/gravityvfr spoke about Kim Plath, saying, “She [talked] about dating again but she so very clearly already seeing her son’s flight instructor. So manipulative. I bet she already had him when she moved out.” Others took up the conversation, and they think that when she left Barry, she probably cheated on him. 
Someone said, “I’m about Kim’s age and yeah, most of my friends…only left their husbands after they…already found someone else.”

Will Ken Palmer Get Dumped

As Ken Palmer isn’t the perfect man that Barry’s ex dreams about, suspicion arises that perhaps Ken might soon be kicked to the curb. Extrapolating the conversation from Kim Plath cheating on Barry, another follower wondered, “History repeats…By Barry, Bye Ken…looking for a new side piece?”

Do you think that Kim Plath had a sidepiece before she moved away from Barry? Is she looking to do the same with Ken Palmer? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about Welcome to Plathville.

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  1. When she brought home Nigel my first thought was how sweet, I’m sure your husband wants to meet your lover. The glance she gave Ken, then dropping her head down was so telling. She is such a POS

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