‘Welcome To Plathville’ Are Kim & Moriah Plath The Same?

Moriah and Kim Plath - Welcome to Plathville - YouTube

Are Welcome to Plathville stars Kim and Moriah Plath the same? TLC viewers are discussing the mother’s and daughter’s personalities and picking up on their similarities. While there was some distance between the two of them, they have come back together again, as shown on WTP Season 5. Keep reading to see why fans think they are the same.

Kim & Moriah Plath’s Relationship

When fans first met the mother-daughter pair on TLC in 2019, it was clear that Kim and Moriah didn’t always get along. The teenage girl was testing the boundaries and breaking the rules. While her parents prioritized modest clothing, she stepped out of the box and expressed herself with her fashion choices. They butted heads plenty of times. Over the past few seasons, fans witnessed the rocky relationship the mother and daughter shared.

Now, things have turned around completely.

Moriah and Kim Plath - Welcome to Plathville - YouTube
Moriah and Kim Plath – Welcome to Plathville – YouTube

As we reported, Moriah came crawling back to her parents’ side amid the ongoing credit card drama with her sister-in-law, Olivia Plath. Olivia alleges that Kim Plath used Ethan’s credit card without repaying him. However, Moriah, Micah, Barry, Kim, and the rest of the family argue that this was a business agreement between Kim and Ethan. Now, the entire family is against Ethan and Olivia.

Welcome To Plathville Fans Think The Mother & Daughter Are The Same

In a new Reddit thread, fans are talking about how Moriah Plath always seems to be the victim. One fan said:

“When the show first started, she was the family outcast who was very ‘woe is me’ about wanting to get out into the real world. Then, she victimized herself about being ‘in the middle’ of Olivia and the Plath family. Once she lost that storyline, she decided she’d address her childhood alopecia.”

The fan added that they feel for Moriah and know these are very real struggles. But they do think she needs to be the center of attention and feel that she often wants people to feel bad for her. In the comments section of the post, other Welcome to Plathville fans agree, and others are pointing out the similarities between Kim and Moriah.

One Reddit user said, “She learned the self-victimization trick from Kim and Barry and she likes the attention it gives her.” Another added that this comment made them realize that Moriah is “super similar” to Kim in their “self-victimization.” 

So, do you think that Kim and Moriah Plath are the same? Do you see their similarities, especially after recent events? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Plath family. Plus, don’t miss new episodes of Welcome to Plathville on Tuesdays on TLC.

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One Comment

  1. Here’s the thing about Moriah, she needs therapy and not just Jesus therapy.

    She was way too young and not prepared to go out on her own at 17/18. She was way to young and not prepared for a realtionship and she got her heart stomped which didn’t help her self worth. She had these stars in her eyes that she as gonna hit the ground running as a singer. She had dreams of Max being her forever person. These things did not pan out and it rocked her to the core.

    As for Kim, business deal my foot. If her didn’t have access to the “deal” then how is that mutual? Olivia had every rigt to question it, she’s his wife, this “deal” could impact their future. As to her keeping Moriah’s music and money? She has all the receipts, gave them to Moriah, Olivia is not stupid, she’s a business woman. How Moriah even came up with ths I can only think the eyelash glue is getting to her.

    Now Olivia not wanting to be around Kim, okay I get it, is it a little over the top, yes but hey its good for ratings. For Micah and Moriiah, who know exactly how sneaky their parents are, to come for Ethan and Olivia when they have been there for them , its wrong.

    Moriah needs to scrub off some of that makeup and get serious about what she wants. The red lips and 2″ in lashes are too much. Child is naturally pretty.

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