Kaitlyn Bristowe Jokes About Failed Engagements

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Bachelor Nation star Kaitlyn Bristowe didn’t get lucky in love. She had two engagements and neither of them came to a trip down the aisle. Actually, she comes over as a bit eccentric at times, and recently, she joked about those two love failures.

Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe Failed Twice

The Bachelor Nation star did okay on The Bachelor with Chris Soules but lost out to Whitney Bischoff.  Later, as the lead in Season 11 of The Bachelorette, she got engaged to Shawn Booth. However, they split in 2018. To this day, there seem to be some bad feelings between the two ABC stars. Actually, she seemed to sound anxious and depressed after that.

Kaitlyn Bristowe later took up with Jason Tartik who appeared on The Bachelorette with Becca Kufrin. Actually, their relationship seemed stable. They took things next level after their engagement and they both seemed to adore her precious pups. They shared a home together in Nashville, and she seemed to be doing well in the music industry. However, that engagement also failed.

Kaitlyn Bristowe Jokes About Failed Engagements

People Magazine caught up with the Bachelor Nation and Dancing with the Stars personality at the “Katie Maloney x Quickies event in Los Angeles on Thursday.” The outlet reported that the ABC star joked that she might be a Halloween “Ringmaster.”  Jesting about her two failed engagements, she said, “You know what, I thought it would be funny to go as the Ringmaster since I’m on my second failed engagement.”

Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe jests about Shawn Booth and Jason Tartick engagements - Instagram (1)
Bachelorette  – Kaitlyn Bristowe with Jason Tartick after splitting from Shawn Booth  – Instagram 

Kaitlyn Bristowe explained her jest by saying, “[I’m] just collecting rings at this point.” Well, she might have collected rings, but she also collected a lot of critics with her rather bizarre dance and ring-tossing on TikTok. At the time, Bachelor Nation fans thought that she seriously disrespected Jason Tartik. She elaborated on that with the outlet as well.

No Disrespect By The Ring Jester

Kaitlyn Bristowe claimed that in a way, she knew people would be upset about the ring-tossing. However, she explained, “The ring toss at the end was like a mic drop, not like an ‘F you’ because I do respect [Jason]. So, yeah, it was more of an empowerment video. I’ve always kind of pushed limits and done things my way, so that was just me being like, ‘Come on.” 

What do you think of Kaitlyn Bristowe joking about Jason Tartick and Shawn Booth? Is that a bit unkind? Do you think that a ringmaster costume for Halloween relates? Will she ever find someone to cherish until death doth them part? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and come back here for all your Bachelor Nation news.

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