Kaitlyn Bristowe Calls Out Jason Tartick, Sets Fans Straight

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Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick are still working through the grief from their breakup. In doing so, each of them is opening up more about their feelings and how they are coping. Both have been gut-wrenchingly honest about their feelings and heartbreak. In fact, one moment of honesty and pain led Kaitlyn to call out Jason and set fans straight. What happened? Keep reading to find out more.

Kaitlyn Bristowe calls out Jason Tartick on podcast

The DWTS champion Kaitlyn Bristowe is sharing how she feels like Jason Tartick let her down. She shared her thoughts on her podcast, Off the Vine. Kaitlyn pointed out that Jason didn’t really do his part in what they agreed upon. He was supposed to have protected her, they were supposed to protect each other from all the hate that would surround them after the announcement.

Kaitlyn said, “We talked about, like, protecting each other through it because, like, of course, when you go through breakups, you want to have your side and someone have their side and you want to, like, justify it and say all these things. But we really agreed on protecting each other.”

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She feels like he didn’t do that especially when he videoed and shared a reel of him packing up things and moving out. The sad video also showed shots of their two dogs Ramen and Pinot looking sad as Jason packed. She said, “When he was, kind of, leaning into that sad — I was like, ‘Bro.’” Kaitlyn continued, “It didn’t protect me because it made me look like I was taking the dogs away from him.”

What fans don’t realize is that while he was packing up his stuff filming this sad video she was sitting there crying in their bedroom.

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She sets fans straight about their dogs

Kaitlyn went on to say that the video Jason shared made her really sad because they have both agreed to make their dogs a priority. She said they are both obsessed with the dogs and will be sharing them. It is the big reason Jason decided to stay in Nashville after their split.

She even approached him about posting the video. She said, “The messages I got after that were just … and he was like, ‘Well I didn’t get one message about it.’” While Jason didn’t get messages, Kaitlyn did. In fact, she wasn’t expecting the level of hate from some people.

Their decision to break up was mutual and she has said that nothing bad happened between them.

What do you think about Jason posting the video? Do you think he let her down by not protecting her more?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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