‘Sister Wives’ Truth Revealed, Kody Brown’s Son Hunter Saved Dayton’s Life?

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Sister Wives fans revisited the ATV accident that left Robyn’s son, Dayton Brown scarred for life. Recently, Mykelti Brown Padron resurrected the incident and it possibly helped TLC fans establish what really happened. To this day, people wonder if he really had an accident with friends. Or, whether he was under Kody’s watch.

Sister Wives Fans Revisit The ATV Accident Of Dayton Brown

In Season 18. fans saw that Kody Brown purchased expensive scooters for his kids with Robyn. It came at Christmas when Kody couldn’t be bothered to give his daughter, Savanah a call. Robyn seemed upset and worried, and it probably related to her son’s accident so many years before. Clearly, motorized toys are not on her favorite list.

Sister Wives fans started discussing the accident of Dayton Brown for the umpteenth time. Last year, they discussed it in June. At the time, they talked about how Robyn posted on Twitter. TLC Fans seemed confused because the bump and scar were spotted in Season 7. However, it was also noticed in the commitment ceremony. So, the timeline seemed off. Naturally, fans wondered if some editing was done to protect Kody.

Sister Wives Fans Convinced That Dayton Brown Was With Kody?

In September this year, the subject was raised again. More fans became convinced that when Robyn’s son ran through a barbed wire fence, he was not with friends. In fact, that was the storyline on TLC. Rather, they believed that it happened under Kody’s watch. Perhaps that arose because later, Robyn had to encourage her son to ride an ATV as he seemed scared. However, nobody really knows what went down.

Sister Wives The Blurring Of Dayton's ATV Accident TLC via Reddit
Sister Wives on TLC – Dayton Brown after his ATV accident – via Reddit

This week, Sister Wives fans raised the subject again on Reddit. In the discussion that followed the Mods pulling the OP’s post, people still think Kody was there. Why is that? Well, Mykelti mentioned the accident on Patreon, which is behind a paywall. That’s probably why the post was pulled. Anyway, one participant claimed, “Mykelti says that hunter basically held Dayton’s face together.”

Hunter Found His Adopted Half-Brother?

Sister Wives fans firmly believe that because Hunter Brown was there, then Kody probably was as well. In that case, one person said, “…even though he was the one “supervising” this activity he wasn’t doing a very good job considering his young son was the one to find Dayton and not dad.”

Here’s another reason TLC might have alleged that 12-year-old Dayton Brown was with friends: “It just occurred to me that this is the second child to have an almost fatal experience under Kody’s watch…” Of course, everyone who watches the TLC show knows that Truely nearly died at the age of four.

Are you confused with the timeline involving Dayton Brown and his ATV accident? Could it be due to the revisitation when Robyn Brown encouraged him to try again? Was it under Kody’s watch? Or was he really with friends at the time? If that is the case, why was Hunter there?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Remember to come back here for all your Sister Wives news.

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