Christine Brown Recalls Truely Brown’s Miraculous Recovery

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown recalled her youngest daughter Truely Brown’s miraculous recovery. The mother of six is counting her blessings and reflecting on a health scare that happened when Truely was 3 years old. While the TLC star has been busy the past few weeks updating fans about her new relationship, she took some time to recall her daughter’s miraculous recovery. So, what did Christine Brown share with fans that reminded her of Truely? Keep reading to find out the details.

Christine Brown Takes A Walk Down The Memory Lane

On Tuesday, the reality star took a walk down memory lane and shared a new post on Instagram. She shared a picture of two stick figure drawings that she made for Truely when she experienced the health scare.

Christine Brown TLC Sister Wives Instagram

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The stick figure on the left showed a little girl with a big bow hooked up to a dialysis machine at the hospital. The one on the right showed the same girl back at home getting ready to visit Disneyland.

Christine Brown Feared For Truely Brown’s Life

In the caption, Christine Brown explained the meaning behind the drawings. She mentioned that Truely’s kidneys shut down when she was three. During this time, Christine spent 11 days at the hospital wondering whether, “I would go home, with or without her.”

She further explained, “I came across this picture today, and I remember drawing it for her one side is her at the hospital with tubes connected to a dialysis machine and the next one shows her healthy at home and going to Disneyland.”

Christine Brown TLC Sister Wives Instagram

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Christine Brown added that she tried to instill some positivity into the young one. She told her that as soon as she got better, they would head to Disneyland. Sure enough, it worked and Truely really started getting better from that very day.

“So glad I kept these pictures to remind me of miracles. #blessed #momlife #miracles #reminders,” she concluded.

Christine Brown’s Older Daughters Helped Care For Truely

Back in 2014, Truely Brown had nearly died due to kidney failure. At the time, the family lived in the cul-de-sac in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Truely got extremely sick due to the flu which then led to kidney failure. Christine Brown explained that the young one was lethargic for five days after catching the common flu.

While Kody and the wives were planning Leon Brown’s going away party for college, Christine’s older daughters helped care for Truely. In the initial five days, Truely’s condition worsened. It was only after her eyes were crossing that Christine Brown decided that she should be taken to the doctor. Fortunately, by the 10th day, Truely got better and was released from the hospital.

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What do you think of Christine Brown counting her blessing and being thankful for Truely Brown’s miraculous recovery? Share your thoughts in the comments and check back with TV Shows Ace for more on Sister Wives.

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