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Meri Brown Hits The Road On Solo Trip: Good Riddance To Kody?

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Meri Brown is always up for a good adventure. Recently, she was in Disneyland for a team-building excursion and she appeared to have a blast. Now, the business owner is taking off on a road trip destination unknown and she is leaving everyone behind.

Meri Brown- Lone Wolf

The one thing about Meri was that she always tended to do live life on her own accord. She got along with her sister wives but was never totally invested in spending a lot of time with them. They admitted it took effort after a certain point to plan trips and dinners together. Admittedly, she was very different than Kody’s second and third wives, Janelle and Christine. Meri only had one child, Mariah after struggling with fertility. Janelle and Christine both birthed six children each.

meri brown - kody brown sister wives youtube
meri brown – kody brown sister wives youtube

Fourth wife, Robyn, who was introduced to Kody by Meri, came into the marriage with three kids. She ultimately gave Kody two more children and still wants another one. Meri has admitted she really likes her privacy which was an issue when the family lived in Utah. They shared one home but each wife had their own space. Unfortunately, in order for Janelle to see Christine, she had to sneak around outside. It was also difficult with thirteen children running amuck. In Las Vegas, Meri’s marriage to Kody continued to struggle and went further downhill after they divorced.

Sister Wives Meri Brown

Meri found herself in a dark place, sought friendship on the web, and got catfished. It was the final straw for Kody and their relationship was over. They have not been intimate for a decade yet Meri stays because she had faith and loves her family. During the pandemic, Kody rarely came by or called, same with her sister wives. She had never felt so lonely. Many viewers question what she is doing when she has two successful businesses but she does not have to answer to anyone.

Meri Takes Off

In an Instagram post, Meri Brown shared exciting things are happening this week that she cannot wait to share. This most likely has to do with one of her businesses. She also shared she was on a quick solo road trip. Though she did not share where she was headed, Meri did say appreciated time to be introspective. During these trips, she listens to audiobooks, jams out to music, thinks about life, basically anything she desires. She is also very grateful for the sights she is lucky enough to see on her way.

Meri Brown Credit: Meri Brown IG

Though she was very lonely during the pandemic, she seems to like the peace and quiet from her road trips. She does not appear to miss her husband at all. Meri’s followers noticed the calm in her face and were quick to comment: “Meri whatever path you’re on right now is clearly a happy one. You are positively glowing. Or glowing with positivity. Either or ❤️.”

Another added: “Move on sista. You have a lot to give.” Many said she looked the best she has yet, others added they hoped she was finally single, and some chimed in with their love of solo rod trips. As to whether or not she will ever truly leave Kody, that is always up in the air. She had said she is committed to the family but former third wife, Christine is thriving since she left. However, as long as Meri is happy, that is all that matters.


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