Christine Brown Helps Another Child With Life-Changing Surgery

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Christine Brown has now helped another one of her children obtain life-changing surgery. The Sister Wives star was the sole reason that her daughter, Ysabel got her scoliosis surgery in 2020. This procedure changed her life all while Christine’s now ex-husband encouraged Ysabel to postpone it or go alone. Now, it has come out that Christine has, once again, assisted another child in getting life-changing surgery. So, what did she do? Read on for details.

Christine Brown Helps Another Child With Life-Changing Surgery

Ysabel Brown had been dealing with scoliosis since she was thirteen and did all she could to avoid surgery. By the time 2020 rolled around, the pain was so deep, she needed to get surgery. Her father, Kody had no idea the pain that she was in because he was not around that much. Since her mom, Christine was living as a single woman, technically, she filed all of the insurance paperwork. Therefore, she helped Ysabel schedule the life-changing surgery without any help from Kody. More so, Kody fought against her having it and did not even accompany Ysabel to New Jersey for the surgery.

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Ysabel Brown

He was worried he was going to have to be away from his younger kids for too long due to the pandemic so he stayed behind. Now, it has come out that Christine Brown came to the rescue once again. Earlier, her daughter, Gwendlyn Brown revealed that she underwent a breast reduction. However, she did not go into further details. Now, she has taken to her Instagram story to further elaborate on how it all went down and the vital role her mother played in it.

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Apparently, the procedure happened in July of last summer. She had been a size G but is unsure of her new size as she has not done a proper measurement. Though it was a medical necessity, she could not get her insurance company to cover it. At the time, she was already struggling with rent and paying for school. Enter Christine Brown who saved the day and paid the 8K to assist and she says: “I owe her forever.” It seems that Kody may have been helping with school and tuition but was MIA when it came to the surgery.

Mom To The Rescue

This is the second time that Christine Brown has come to the rescue of her daughters in the past two years. Ysabel needed her surgery and Christine made it happen. Then, Gwendlyn needed this procedure to help with her back pain and, again, Christine made it happen. She stops at nothing for her kids. Even when her youngest daughter, Truely’s kidneys were shutting down as a toddler, Christine was right there while Kody was napping. She then ended up with a massive hospital bill but she has always proven her kids come first.

Are you surprised that Christine Brown shelled out the 8K for this surgery or is it typical for the mother of six? Could this be why she is staying on the show for another season? Let us know in the comments below.

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