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‘Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn Brown Reveals Secret Surgery

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Gwendlyn Brown is revealing her secret surgery via her social media. The twenty-one-year-old daughter of Christine and Kody Brown has always been pretty candid about her life. She is openly bisexual and engaged to her fiancee, Beatriz Queiroz. However, she just revealed something that she has seemingly kept under the radar. Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Gwendlyn Brown Reveals Secret Surgery

Gwendlyn Brown likes to share important information through her Instagram stories. She gave away her anticipated wedding date in her stories recently. Now, she is opening up about a secret surgery that she apparently had. In a story, Gwendlyn posted a quote that said: “I have small boobs and it’s cute, ok?” Underneath that, she had written: “me after my breast reduction.”

Gwendlyn Brown/IG

Accompanying this was a small photo of Gwendlyn Brown in a hospital gown wearing a mask. This seemingly confirms that she underwent a breast reduction at some point during the pandemic. There aren’t many more details other than what she shared in this slide but fans will most likely start to ask questions. Whatever she had done, she is clearly much happier and more confident in her skin than she ever has been.

Gwen, ysabel/IG Gwendlyn is not the only Brown sibling to undergo surgery in the past few years. Her younger (and favorite) sister, Ysabel underwent major scoliosis surgery in September 2020 against their father’s better judgment. Fortunately, she had her mother and sisters by her side to help her through the entire process, and came out better than before. Both siblings are thriving with Ysabel attending college in North Carolina while Gwendlyn has an apartment in Arizona.

Independent Woman

Gwendlyn Brown has been making ends meet on her own for the past year and a half. Once her mother, Christine left Flagstaff in early September 2021, Gwen had to find her own housing. She now lives with her fiancee, Beatriz whom she became engaged in November. They have plans to wed in July of this year. Not only does Gwendlyn attend university but she was working as a chef as well as managing her Patreon. It did amazingly well until she suffered some technical issues with her laptop.

Gwendlyn Brown/IG

She took a brief hiatus but returned with new content and started uploading reaction videos to YouTube, as well. Gwendlyn Brown is growing up into a confident and proud woman, someone her mother would be very proud of. However, fans will definitely be headed to her Patreon with questions, not just about the show but about her surgery. When did it happen? Was her father helpful? Did she have to go through insurance and probably a lot more?

Are you shocked Gwendlyn Brown underwent a breast reduction? Let us know in the comments below.

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