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‘Sister Wives’ Kody & Robyn Brown Slapped Ysabel In Face?

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Sister Wives fans are ripping Robyn and Kody Brown on Reddit today for being walking contradictions. It has become painfully clear to fans that Kody plays by different rules when it comes to Robyn’s children versus the children he shares with his other wives. What did Kody and Robyn do now that has fans so upset? Keep reading for the details.

Sister Wives fans blast Kody and Robyn Brown

“No need to explain,” one frustrated Sister Wives fan exclaimed before ripping into Kody and Robyn Brown for being walking contradictions. This fan noted it was awfully convenient that it was just fine for Ari and Sol to return to school while it was a crime for Ysabel to go back to high school for her senior year.

The frustrated fan continued to vent: “So……It is PERFECTLY FINE for Sol and Arielle to go to school and be exposed to peasant children and their peasant germs but when Ysabel wanted to finish High School, Kody was unable to even FaceTime her because the germs would claw their way across the internet wires and then he would share hormones with Robyn and it would kill her.”

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Now, some fans made it a point to defend Kody and Robyn noting that things were different in the timeline of the pandemic when Sol and Ari started school. Other fans, however, pointed out that the timeline of the show was impossible to follow. And, the pandemic was still ongoing. So, it wasn’t a significant argument in defense of Kody and Robyn.

The frustrated fan continued to point out that despite being careful Robyn Brown became deathly ill with COVID. Likewise, fans know Kody Brown also contracted COVID at some point in time too. Fans find both Kody and Robyn getting COVID to be extremely ironic considering how big of a deal the couple made out of their COVID rules.

Was Robyn deathly ill from Covid because the kids brought it home or did she pick it up on her weekly Victoria Secrets shopping trip? Or did Christine cause Robyn’s Covid by treating her like dirt from day one and not sacrificing enough for her?”


Do you agree with fans blasting Robyn and Kody as walking contradictions? Does it make you sad that Kody Brown thinks it is fine to treat his children so differently? Share your thoughts down below and keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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