Christine Brown Chooses New Man Over Friendship With Janelle

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Sisters before misters has gone out the window as Christine Brown of Sister Wives allegedly put her new relationship with David Woolley before her friendship with Janelle.

Previously, fans were worried that Kody Brown would do what he could to wedge himself between Janelle and Christine. Prior to Janelle Brown also leaving Kody, it was fairly obvious that he wanted her to side with him and stop being so friendly to Christine. Unfortunately for him, he ended up losing them both and their friendship was stronger than ever.

Fans, however, noticed a lull in Christine and Janelle’s friendship via social media. Sadly, the duo had not really posted or interacted much since November of last year. This was a month prior to Christine making her relationship with David official privately to her friends and family members on Facebook. Presently, it appears as if it has been about four months since they engaged with each other. So, fans grew worried they might’ve had some sort of falling out.

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As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, an insider came forward today and claimed Janelle and Christine did have a falling out and it was over David Woolley. Speaking to The Sun, the insider claimed that Janelle was not very supportive of Christine’s current relationship.

Did Christine Brown really choose David over Janelle?

According to the inside source, there are a few different reasons why Christine Brown’s relationship with Janelle is not in a good place right now. The first is because Janelle thinks her friend is moving too fast with her boyfriend. Moreover, she thinks making the relationship public was a huge mistake. Janelle questions David’s intentions and seems to be looking out for Christine’s best interest. After all, fans were worried anyone would be interested in getting with Christine for the clout that came with it.

The insider claimed there was another huge reason why Janelle wasn’t into this new boyfriend. Turns out, Christine seemingly picked the new boyfriend over Janelle and suddenly didn’t have any time for her friend. The insider claims Janelle feels as though she’s been cast aside as Christine spends all of her time with her new boyfriend.

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Now, fans have pretty mixed feelings about this information. Some want to be happy for Christine and her new boyfriend. But, they are also sad that Janelle seems to have lost a close friend. Some fans, on the other hand, are just a little frustrated with Janelle as it feels as though she’s coming from a place of jealousy. Fans are all over the map with their thoughts on this situation.

Only time will tell if David Woolley is the real thing. And, only time will tell if Christine and Janelle can still be friends. What do you think about this information? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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