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Janelle Brown Doesn’t Trust Christine’s Boyfriend David, Why?

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An inside source claims Janelle Brown is not that into Christine’s new man, David Woolley. As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, fans have suspected Christine and Janelle had some sort of falling out sometime between November and December because they stopped spending time together. And, they were no longer interacting on Instagram.

December is also the month that Christine and her new man officially started dating.

Now, an insider source has come forward and spilled some major beans to The Sun. The source claims that Janelle and Christine are NOT on good terms right now. And, it boils down to Janelle not liking Christine’s new man.

Why does Janelle Brown not like David? Keep reading to learn what this insider had to say about this fracture in their relationship!

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Janelle Brown is NOT feeling Christine’s new relationship

Speaking to The Sun, an insider close to the family claims that Janelle Brown is not feeling Christine’s new relationship. The insider claims that Janelle doesn’t trust David Woolley and thinks he’s interested in being with Christine for the wrong reasons.

Moreover, Janelle Brown believes Christine made a huge mistake in going public with her relationship so soon. Janelle thinks her former sister wife is doing too much, too soon.

Christine Brown - David Woolley Instagram
Christine Brown – David Woolley Instagram

Sister Wives fans do agree with Janelle

Now, some Sister Wives fans have expressed some of the same concerns Janelle has. Some fans are worried that someone would get with Christine for clout or because they saw dollar signs. Moreover, many fans have said they believe Christine is moving too fast with David and found it pretty offputting that she is already referring to him as her soulmate.

Both fans and Janelle want Christine to be happy. Janelle Brown was the first one to admit she hoped Christine would find a new man to love one day. It, however, sounds as if Janelle just doesn’t like who Christine ended up picking. And, she suspects he has an ulterior motive for dating her friend.

Christine Brown - Janelle Brown Youtube
Christine Brown – Janelle Brown Youtube

Could Janelle Brown just be jealous that Christine left Kody and found someone to love her and treat her like a queen so quickly? Or, is Janelle just looking out for her friend? Moreover, is it possible Janelle is just a tad jealous that she has to share Christine with David?

Let us know what you think about this new development in Christine Brown’s love life in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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