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Wait, Did Christine & Janelle Brown Have A Falling Out?

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Sister Wives fans are worried Janelle and Christine Brown may have had some sort of falling out recently.

Christine Brown leaving Kody grew their bond

Christine and Janelle Brown’s friendship seemed stronger than ever after Christine made the decision to leave Kody. The duo was constantly spending time together. This included going on all sorts of vacations together. Janelle and Christine found all sorts of reasons to celebrate and spend time together. They were making tons of appearances on each other’s Instagram profiles. Fans were here for this post-Kody relationship.

Sister Wives - Meri - Christine - Kody - Janelle - Robyn - Youtube
Sister Wives – Meri – Christine – Kody – Janelle – Robyn – Youtube

Janelle Brown also seemed extremely supportive of Christine splitting from Kody. During an interview, Janelle even admitted she wanted Christine to find someone new to be with. After all, she didn’t think Christine should spend the rest of her life alone because things didn’t work out with Kody. Janelle’s biggest wish, however, was just that she would get along with whatever new man walked into Christine’s life.

Sadly, it appeared as if their friendship toned down just a bit after Janelle also made the decision to walk away from Kody. Some fans wonder if the fact that Janelle separated from Kody but did not divorce him made things weird for their friendship. Likewise, fans worried Kody attempted to poison their friendship simply because he was jealous of it.

Janelle and Christine Brown- Instagram
Janelle and Christine Brown- Instagram

Fans think Christine and Janelle Brown had a falling out

According to The Sun, fans have been worried for a few days now that Christine and Janelle Brown had some sort of falling out. In fact, fans argue that there have been signs on both of their Instagram profiles that they may even be feuding about something.

It was in chatter on Reddit that fans took notice of the fact that Janelle and Christine did not appear to have spent any time together recently. For example, Janelle was nowhere to be found in pictures of Mykelti’s new twins. Likewise, Christine went to visit Maddie’s newborn, Josephine. But, fans did not see Janelle in any of the photos.

Another fan chimed in: “I love that they seemed to support one another. I don’t think I’ve seen posts like that in a long time and I hope it doesn’t mean that their relationship has strained!”

Janelle Brown/IG
[Credit: Instagram]
Doing a bit of deep diving, fans realize Janelle and Christine haven’t shared an Instagram post since November of last year. So, it has been about four months. Likewise, fans know November was when the family came together to film some episodes for Season 18 of Sister Wives. A month later, Christine started dating David and Janelle has seemingly been doing her own thing.

Now, it is possible life just happened and they haven’t had time to spend together. But, fans think it is weird that they’ve seen little interaction between the two in four months.

Are Christine and Janelle Brown in the middle of a feud? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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