UPtv’s Most Uplifting Christmas Ever: Details On 2023 Christmas Movies

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UPtv has introduced its Most Uplifting Christmas Ever. This network has announced eight new 2023 Christmas movies for the holiday season. Starting on November 3, they will be airing their 600+ hours of holiday cheer.

Some of the stars from this season include Chris Jericho, Jessica Sipos, Melissa Peterman, Sarah Dugdale, Franco Lo Presti, Tamera Duarte, DOOL favorite Peter Porte, and Coilin Mochrie.

According to Parade, Hector Campos, SVP of Content Strategy and Acquisition at UP Entertainment shared a special message to its viewers.

Celebrating the true meaning of the season is at the forefront of our selection process, and our movies celebrate the magic of the holiday season with stories about family, love, hope and faith.

Here are all eight movies, which premiere at 7 p.m., Eastern, on UPtv. Be sure to check listings for encore showings.

UPtv - YouTube
UPtv – YouTube

We’re Scrooged Kicks Of UPtv’s Most Uplifting Christmas Ever

We’re Scrooged premieres on Sunday, November 5. This holiday movie stars Tamara Duarte, and Andrew Bushell.

It is time for the Minneapolis Christmas Snowball 10-year high school reunion weekend. Ex-high school sweethearts, Sarah and Scott were nicknamed “Ross and Rachel” at their Minnesota school. But, when they split for college, they never kept in touch. At the event, they are mysteriously warned that they will be visiting three Christmas ghosts over the next three evenings. But, the Ghost of Christmas Future does not meet with them together, but separately. Will they decide to reunite for good, or lose this special love?

Christmas Time Capsule Stars Emily Alatalo and Franco Lo Presti

Christmas Time Capsule premieres on Sunday, November 12. This UPtv movie stars Emily Alatalo, and Franco Lo Presti.

Tiffany and James are best friends, but have never dated. However, when he asks for his family heirloom engagement ring that she has been holding onto for safekeeping, she realizes that he is proposing. But, it is to another woman! Now, Tiffany has to convince James that it is she, not the other woman that he wants to marry. She has a three-day road trip to make that happen. But, she does get some help from Christmas magic.

Used with UPtv's permission
Used with UPtv’s permission

Country Hearts Christmas Stars Chris Jericho

Country Hearts Christmas premieres on Sunday, November 19. This is a UPtv sequel movie that stars Chris Jericho, Lanie McAuley, Katerina Mria, David Pinard, and Craig Strickland.

Christmas is fast approaching, but the Jameson Family is focused on their dreams. Tori and June are in Nashville recording their first album. Meanwhile, Bones is the one in charge of the Christmas preparations. However, the sisters are offered a fantastic opportunity. This is to play a Christmas Eve show. But, this will upend their family plans. As everyone has their own reason to be distracted by the holiday, they each realize that “family, faith, and love is the answer to any big decision.

UPtv’s Mistletoe Connection Premieres Thanksgiving Weekend

Mistletoe Connection premieres on Sunday, November 26. This stars Jessica Sipos and Markian Tarasiuk.

Kate Snow is all about Christmas. This includes sweaters, crafts, and all the holiday sparkle that she can wear. So, it makes sense that she runs her family-owned business called Treasures From The Heart. This shop has been in her family for several generations. But, it is now in trouble because a developer has other plans for the area. That developer is none other than the handsome stranger that Kate had met on the bus. This sharp-dressed man’s name is Mark Goodwin. Mark and Kate have a lot in common. He loves the Christmas holidays as well. But now, they are on opposite sides. Will some Christmas magic save the day?

What Is UPtv’s Yuletide The Knot About?

Yuletide The Knot premieres on Sunday, December 3. This UPtv movie has a large cast of characters including Mary Antonini, Peter Porte, Kelley Jakie, Kelsey Scott, and Melissa Peterman.

“When small-town wedding planner Rachel is faced with planning her biggest Christmas wedding yet for an out-of-town influencer couple, she is thrown an unexpected surprise when the bride’s manager turns out to be Logan, her first love and high school sweetheart. He reminds her what it is to love, and through rediscovering the magic of Christmas, she rediscovers a part of her heart she closed off long ago.”

Christmas At An Amish Bakery Is Next UPtv Holiday Movie

Christmas At An Amish Bakery premieres on Sunday, December 10. This holiday movie stars Alexandra Harris and Sean Koetting.

“After leaving her Amish community in her youth, a New York book editor finds herself in desperate need of a new cookbook to save her job. With Christmas on the horizon, Sarah heads back to her family farm to reconnect. But with the presence of a handsome local–an outsider, but one that is friendly with the Amish community–he and Sarah sense chemistry and work together to save her family’s Amish bakery, while developing an Amish Christmas cookbook in the process.”

Dial S For Santa Is An UPtv Christmas Mystery

Dial S For Santa premieres on Sunday, December 17. This UPtv holiday mystery stars Sarah Dugdale, Julian Haig, and Lynda Boyd.

Insurance investigator Lana Lawton is ready for the holidays. She is ready to go home to spend Christmas with her mom. Also, she wants to spend time with her nephew because his military father is unable to come home for the holidays. But, when Lana arrives, she has heard that the Main Street shops are dealing with a series of robberies.

Lana gets involved. She realizes this could be an opportunity to get a big work promotion if she does some P.I. work. Now, she must convince police chief Nick to help out. As they spend more time together, they start to see each other as more than work buddies. Can the two figure out who the culprit is? Sounds like their wits and some Christmas magic will help them trap the robber!

A Christmas Letter Is Final 2023 UPtv Christmas Movie

A Christmas Letter premieres on Sunday, December 24. This final 2023 UPtv Christmas movie stars Colin Mochrie, David Lipper, Enrico Colantoni, and Glenda Bragzana.

This movie is a “modern love story meets epic adventure that brings a family together, with an uplifting, feel-good look at how the spirit of the holidays–and help from some pro hockey players–can unite a community and new-found friendships.”

RomCom fans, which UPtv holiday movie are you most looking forward to watching during Christmas 2023?

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