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Hallmark’s ’14 Love Letters’: Watch Preview, Sneak Peek Videos

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Although Hallmark won’t be premiering their Summer Nights movies for a few weeks, they have already shared Preview and Sneak Peek videos for an upcoming Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie, 14 Love Letters. Although this is a romance, there is a bit of a mystery attached to this as well.

We have both videos, as well as some preview information on what looks to be part of the Summer Nights Part 2 programming.

Who Stars In Hallmark Movies & Mysteries 14 Love Letters?

The HMM film 14 Love Letters stars Vanessa Sears (Too Close For Christmas, Christmas In The Wilds), Franco Lo Presti (Jupiter’s Legacy, Astrid And Lily Save The World), Madeleine Claude (Titans, True North), Kim Roberts (PAW Patrol, A Christmas Dance Reunion), Sugenja Sri (A Simple Favor, Designated Survivor), Fuad Ahmed (Covert Affairs, Stealing Vows), William J. Edwards (Sneakerella), Ronica Sajnani (Good Sam, TallBoyz), and Ted Atherton (Grounded For Christmas, V-Wars).

Jennifer Snow (Mistletoe And Molly) wrote the script. Amy Force (The Wedding Planners, Christmas In The Rockies) is the director.

Hallmark 14 Love Letters BTS-https://www.instagram.com/p/CYznR5WPUbb/

Hallmark 14 Love Letters BTS-https://www.instagram.com/p/CYznR5WPUbb/

What Happens In Hallmark’s 14 Love Letters Preview Video?

What is 14 Love Letters about? According to IMDb, “After historic love letters start anonymously appearing in Kallie Sharp’s [Sears] mailbox, the hobby farmer searches for her secret admirer and opens herself up to love.”

In the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries video preview of 14 Love Letters, we learn a bit more about the story.

We see at the very beginning Kallie opening up her mailbox and opening a letter. Next, we see her speaking to her best pal Sahara (Claude) at the library, amongst the shelves of old books. Sahara says, “It’s a famous historical love letter. Who sent them?”

Kallie shakes her head and replies, “I have no idea.”

Next, we see Kallie in her car reading another letter. After she is done, she puts the letter against her heart. She loves it!

We hear Caroline (Roberts) say, “Perhaps you have a secret admirer?

Kallie, who is at Caroline’s restaurant with Sarah answers, “Do I want a secret admirer?”

Her two friends gleefully shout, “Yes!

We then see scenes of Kallie on dates, as we hear Sarah’s voice suggest, “Maybe it’s someone from your past or someone completely different.”

The love letters have now attracted the attention of journalist Alison (Sri), who says “This love letter thing. I’d like to do a story on you for our upcoming issue.” Then adds, “Let’s see if this article helps to solve the mystery.

Lastly, Caroline sagely advises Kallie, “Fate has a funny way of meddling in people’s lives.”

When Is Hallmark Premiering 14 Love Letters?

According to the preview video caption, the Hallmark premiere is on Sunday, July 31, at 9 p.m., Eastern, on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

When the network issues its official release information, we will have the dates of the encore showings.

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