Lifetime’s ‘The Hammer’ Is ‘Reba’ Reunion With Stars Reba McEntire, Melissa Peterman

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Reba fans are finally getting their wish. Lifetime has announced The Hammer, which is a mini-reunion of the classic show, starring Reba McEntire, as well as Melissa Peterman.

Here are the details.

Reba, Lifetime-
Reba, Lifetime-

Reba Stars Reuniting For Lifetime Movie

Ready for a Reba reunion? Lifetime is making that happen! According to TV Insider, Reba McEntire (Christmas In Tune), and Melissa Peterman (Young Sheldon), are reuniting for an original Lifetime movie, The Hammer.

Between 2001 and 2007 the two starred in Reba, as Reba Hart, and Barbara-Jean (B.J.) Booker-Hart. The two also reunited on screen in Baby Daddy. Both are also recurring stars on Young Sheldon, but not opposite each other. Yet.

In addition, Kay Shioma Metchie (Totally Normal), and Rex Linn (Better Call Saul) also star in The Hammer. Linn is also recurring on Young Sheldon.

Reba is producing, as well as starring, in The Hammer.

What Is Lifetime’s The Hammer About?

The real-life person, Kim Wanker, inspired this Lifetime movie. Lifetime explains Wanker was a real-life traveling circuit judge “who hands down justice unlike anyone else.”

However, in this movie, Reba’s character will be named Kim Wheeler. Furthermore, they describe Wheeler as “an outspoken, firecracker lawyer who is appointed Judge of the 5th District of Nevada and is one of the few traveling judges left in America. After the reigning judge passes away under suspicious circumstances, Kim finds herself covering a circuit that stretches between Las Vegas and Reno — a rugged, often desolate area where anything and everything can happen.”

With gavel in hand, she lays down the law with a no-nonsense brand of justice, that quickly earns her the nickname ‘The Hammer.’

As the investigation of the former judge’s death heats up, Kim’s sister Kris (Peterman), who runs the local brothel, suddenly becomes the prime suspect, and Kim must work even harder to make certain the appropriate justice is served.

Linn portrays a “mysterious cowboy with unknown motives.” In addition, Metchie portrays Vicky, a “tough-talking” bailiff. Trusted, she is part of Kim’s inner circle.

Where Are They Filming The Hammer?

According to the CBC, they are filming Lifetime’s The Hammer in Merritt, British Columbia, Canada. That is 120 miles North East of Vancouver. Parts of Jurassic World: Domination was filmed in Merritt. Lifetime’s Buried In Barstow star Kristoffer Polaha stars in this new blockbuster.

Merritt is no stranger to country music stars. Merritt is the country music capital of Canada. There is even a mural of Reba McEntire along Quilchena Avenue, and she performed there back in 2007, at the Merritt Mountain Music Festival. So it is of no surprise that a lot of the residents have taken selfies with the 67-year-old multi-talented star.

Lifetime should release The Hammer sometime in 2022.

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